A special facial

With a fart
by deleted 5 years ago (Tue, Nov 17, 2009) in Porn Fail (Porn)
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  • judge2525 | 5 years ago | +7
    I like a girl who can still swallow cum while smelling a good fart and never lose that special smile that says I love you.
  • 12inch12dolla | 5 years ago | +6
    i love a girl that will suck my dick!
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
      ......And a few of the guys
      • Hunt4Fear | 5 years ago | +2
        ......And look who is first in line
        • deleted | 5 years ago | +1
          ..........No cut's. Thougth I respect how you relentlessly huntforqueer
          • Hunt4Fear | 5 years ago
            No cut's, no need to fight you can have him. But i am telling your boy friend Bronsin.
  • Sodomatrix | 5 years ago | +4
    he should have cupped his hand and sent it her way. now that would be good porn.
    • thatpizzaguy | 5 years ago
      or just outright turned around and put his ass in her face..
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