Around Saturn

Waltz Around Saturn with this video showing highlights from Cassini's exploration of the giant planet, its magnificent rings, and fascinating family of moons.
by Cigarmann 1 year ago (Wed, Jul 24, 2013) in Cool Stuff (SFW)
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Waltz Around Saturn with this video showing highlights from Cassini's exploration of the giant planet, its magnificent rings, and fascinating family of moons.
The video is dedicated to the memory of Margherita Hack, astrophysicist and popular science writer (2013)
She made me love the stars
music Shostakovich - Jazz Suite No.2: VI. Waltz 2 - Armonie Symphony Orchestra (thanks to Erica Alberti for suggestion)
image from Cassini–Huygens spacecraft mission to the Saturn system by NASA and European Space Agency
edit Fabio Di Donato
This video shows a selection from more than 200.000 pictures taken by the Cassini Spacecraft around Saturn's Rings in a period between 2004 and 2012, published through the Planetary Data System between June 2005 and June 2013 - If you want to know more about the mission please visit
RAW images were processed to PNG thanks to the Vicar-to-PNG procedure provided by Jessica McKellar
Friday, July 19th 2013 @ 2:27 p.m. Earth will be captured in a photo taken by NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn. This video partecipates to the ‪#‎WaveAtSaturn‬ and #DayEarthSmiled events
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  • GlitterAndTrauma | 1 year ago | +26
    If only we, and by "we" I mean the human race, threw our money into saving our planet and searching the stars instead of meaningless wars across invisible borders... We're lucky to have this planet that we're taking for granted...
    • teslaman | 1 year ago | +4
      I agree with you, Glitter. However, could you imagine what would become of the cosmos if some of the wrong people were to venture out for search of new planets and life?
      • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
        What kind of wrong people would venture out there?
        • teslaman | 1 year ago | +3
          Politicians and reality tv celebs. Also, anyone that has a greed mentality.
          • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
            They would be the first ones to go, ill make sure they'll never make it ;)
          • WartencrustedDong | 1 year ago | +2
            I think we should send the kardashians to the sun. Tell them it's the new St. Tropez.
        • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +2
          Those that would either destroy what they found.. or dominate it perhaps? :)
    • brooketyler | 1 year ago | +4
      Ahh crap...he goes ahead and says something deep and meaningful and now I have to reflect on it for at least five minutes.
      • GlitterAndTrauma | 1 year ago | +1
        Sorry baby, sometimes I have to show I'm not just a pretty face ;)
    • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +3 -1
      That would be too logical.. instead "we" get worse every day
  • RogerRogerson | 1 year ago | +4
    This is the best music video I've seen in years
  • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +3
    *holds out hand * Lets dance CM :)

    Awesome and entertaining the way they put this together :)
    • Cigarmann | 1 year ago | +1
      I'm a sucker for a good waltz...
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +3
    Awesome vid! But god dammit i had this vid ready to be posted up almost a week ago! Guess it will be taken down. I think i can see earth at 1:09?
    • Cigarmann | 1 year ago | +1
      Can you see Russia?
      • EyeballPate | 1 year ago | +6
        I can see Uranus.
        • Cigarmann | 1 year ago | +5
          We'll have to switch positions then......
      • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
        "I can see russia from my house!"
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    For some strange reason i feel as if I'd need to be dressed in ball room attire.
    • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +1
      I know !! I already have the shoes on :) Just something about this music :)
      • bobster | 1 year ago | +2
        just the shoes? right?
  • teslaman | 1 year ago | +2
    The music goes well with your avatar, CM.
  • Sandhu | 1 year ago | +2
    nice video but what i don't understand is saturn have 52 moons and jupiter 63 so y we don't see any ring around jupiter
    • Cigarmann | 1 year ago | +3
      Jupiter actually does have rings, jus not as gaudy as Saturn's
      • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +3
        Earth did at one point too... And actually in the next few decades we will espentially have a ring of space junk and satellites..
        • RogerRogerson | 1 year ago | +1
          Isn't a bunch of it supposed to fall back to earth too
          • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +1
            Eventually but we by far outpace was we put up as opposed to what comes down.. the private sector is bugging on space retrieval systems now.. and also the ESA is kicking around the idea of the new robotic freighter(albert Einstein) being retrofitted to do the same thing..
            • RogerRogerson | 1 year ago | +2
              Is the technology the same as what I saw last month for catching asteroids? The net or space tarp...
              • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +1
                That maybe be one of the private sectors ideas.. I think the ESA plan was to use a small robotic arm.. Einstein is basically a hollow container so it can store a lot of junk, once it's full it goes in to it's controlled descent and burns up in the atmosphere like it already is supposed to with ISS waste..
      • RogerRogerson | 1 year ago | +1
        Her husband doesn't make as much money as saturn's
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    Conected this to my plasma.
    Was great. Just need some Pink Floyed to go along with it!
  • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +2
    NASA has really been on a role with a lot of their programs in the past few years.. Hubble went from a disaster to a ground breaker, Cassini has given us more info than we could have ever hoped for, the sky crane was a wild success, and let's not forget the first two rivers were only supposed to last 90 days.. one is still operating today.. it makes me excited for the James Webb telescope and what it will see..
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    Have not heard or seen a thing from V ger since the '80's.
    Tell E.T. to tell her to call home.
    I am worried.4 billion miles from home and no phone call!
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    2:07 is that the death star? should we be worried?
  • LittleLotta | 1 year ago | +2
    It sorta looks like a vinyl record playing.
  • DammitJim | 1 year ago | +2
    This was not one of our best episodes of "Star Trek".
  • RABIDSQUIRREL | 1 year ago | +2
    Who needs schools, I'm getting my education from the internets.
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