Baby pulling off the shirt

Baby trying to get some lunch.
by deleted 5 years ago (Mon, Jul 13, 2009) in Funny (SFW)
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  • LearnToSwim | 5 years ago | +4
    nooooooo baby!!! ITS A TRANNY!!!
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
    That a boy! Go get um!
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +3
      Yeah... And when he was getting them She was like "Nooo." but she really meant "Yess."
      • FATJOE | 5 years ago
        boys got skillzzz
  • CobraDick | 5 years ago | +2
    Women just love bad boys.
  • zerocommazero | 5 years ago | +2
    I like the uncomfortable on their faces. Y'now that look the strippers have on their face. They're trying to look happy while nervously scanning around for the bouncer to get rid of some unruly customer.
    • Sylvia | 5 years ago | +1
      You do realise that you're not supposed to whip out your dick in a strip club don't you zero?
  • anastasiajubilee | 5 years ago | +2
    we laugh when a baby tries to do that but if some creepy guy did that, we'd knock the shit out of him
    • Sylvia | 5 years ago | +5
      The same goes for crapping their pants and puking over your best frock
      • pjp24 | 5 years ago | +2
        I hate it when creepy guys puke on my best frock. Ruins my night.
        • herne | 5 years ago | +2
          i hate when creepy guys crap my pants
  • judge2525 | 5 years ago | +2
    A future H666 member, notice how at the end he played with her ears and earrings to get her mind of the tit groping............whatta a boy!!!!!
  • Punchy748 | 5 years ago | +2
    You know he's gonna be a motorboating son-of-a-bitch.
  • painwhore | 5 years ago | +2
    i was at the mall recently and this young middle eastern boy (maybe 8yrs old) ran up to be and put his hand on my tits... FULL OUT GROPE and his mom slapped him before i could. i wonder where he learned that from dad?
    • the1armman | 5 years ago | +2
      if those are your nipples in your pic then i would too. ;-)
  • j18speed | 5 years ago | +2
    That's it! I'm shaving my head and dressing in some one piece jammies with footies!
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
      I don't know Speed.....dressing up like a member of the KKK? I guess it might work.....
    • slikride | 5 years ago
      Again? The sheets were just washed too..
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