Bad thought clits are really small dicks

bad thought clits really are small dicks lol
by doriean 7 years ago (Fri, Feb 15, 2008) in Porn (Porn)
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  • Cuntie | 7 years ago | +20
    Aw, that little clenis is getting excited!
    • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
      HAHAHA... Clenis.. never heard that.. Plus for you
      • Keket | 7 years ago | +4
        haven't been here long huh
  • MetatronAtra | 7 years ago | +6
    Well, genetically speaking, clitorises are made from the exact same cells that penises are made from and would, in fact, be penises if the person were a male. The labia in females are also analogous to the scrotum in males... Kinda makes you want to stop going south.
    • CobraDick | 7 years ago | +5
      I've known that since seventh grade, but it never stopped me from eating pussy. Women deserve to cum like demons, and oral skills will do the job.
    • curlyjoe | 7 years ago | +3
      I think its called a glans before it decides what it wants to be when it grows up.
    • j18speed | 7 years ago | +2
      Conversly... it might make some guys okay with cock sucking.
      • Maximilian | 7 years ago
        Are u getting it somewhere? :P
    • deleted | 7 years ago | +1
      basically then what ever way we look at it, we are all gay
    • Keket | 7 years ago
      lmao... Did it stop you?
    • HerroFromChina | 7 years ago
      That would make sense since we are the same species and would have a common developement until gender is determined
  • PissFlap | 7 years ago | +5
    Beware of deep voiced women.
  • OChill | 7 years ago | +5
    I'd give her a blowjob.
    • painwhore | 7 years ago | +3
      • OChill | 7 years ago
        I said give HER a blow job, in case you don't know I am a lesbian, not a fag. You just want a blow job too.
        • ecorock | 7 years ago
          • OChill | 7 years ago
            Is that a request for a neg?
            • ecorock | 7 years ago
              It's a command to respect My lady.
              • OChill | 7 years ago
                You know a hero, as myself, has no fear?
              • OChill | 7 years ago
                One stroke of my shield will leave you gumming fish.
                • ecorock | 7 years ago
                  Just respect her.
                  • OChill | 7 years ago
                    As you respect the power of my SHIELD!!!!
  • Shammie | 7 years ago | +4
    Looks like she's having a prostate examination!
  • superman2086 | 7 years ago | +3
    nice finger nail polish
    • Domina | 7 years ago | +1
      I know, right?!?!?!
  • ninjirate | 7 years ago | +3
    Ew ?
    • deleted | 6 years ago
      i got 5 1-2 in
  • FaHQ2 | 7 years ago | +3
    That there is a clit. Suck it, lick it, smack it, love it. They come in all shapes and sizes. As long as its nice and clean, and attached to someone I can stand for at least 15mins, Im in!
  • tups | 7 years ago | +2
    ha, it wiggles...
  • Lady Q | 7 years ago | +2
    sorry, but dicks are actually extremely large clitoris'.... why? Because when we are all fetus's in the whomb, at about 5-6 weeks the determination of male becomes apparent when the ovaries 'to be' drop down into the lower region and the penis drops down and creates those male characteristics. Once the testes are mature enough, another gene turns on to begin producing testosterone, which causes the internal sex organs (vas deferens, etc.) to develop. Part of the testosterone turns into another hormone which then causes the external sex organs to develop. (hence the reason why woman especially body builders, when they take an increasing amount of steroids that include testosterone, their clitoris begins to look like a tiny male penis.... its because of that. ) Hope that helps... also another reason I believe its also said that its "Mother" Earth..
    • j18speed | 7 years ago
      This made me sleepy.
    • notanomad | 7 years ago
      This is incorrect. Truth is, the sexual organs are undifferentiated during the first few weeks. Ovaries do not drop and become testes. Rather, the undifferentiated gonads become either ovaries or testes. Likewise, clitorises and penises are formed from the same undifferentiated tissue. So yes, clits and dicks are formed from the same structures. But no, undifferentiated fetuses do not have clitorises and ovaries.
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