Andie Valentino performs naked
by deleted 4 years ago (Sun, Apr 10, 2011) in Sexy (Porn)
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  • Risen | 4 years ago | +10
    If ballet was performed this way I would become a Big Fan!!
    • kmb666 | 4 years ago | +4
      How about gymnastics?

      • XantesFire | 4 years ago | +6
        Is that the same place? They have the same huge potted plants and the doors and windows seem to be the same.
        • deleted | 4 years ago | +1
          Well spotted. After i'd seen both videos THEN i went and checked for similarities.
  • FATJOE | 4 years ago | +7
    looks like there is a little extra meat hanging out of that furr burger...
    • JustAHumanBean | 4 years ago | +2
      That's why she didn't plop down to the ground, fear of getting stuck with the vacuum.
  • TheObamessiah | 4 years ago | +8 -6
    Judging by her body type, there is no way in hell she is a ballerina. My guess is more along the lines of "exotic dancer who fucked a Russian ballet teacher".
    • koolios2050 | 4 years ago | +21 -1
      Sorry to break it to you bro, I don't know where you got your professional ballerina body judging license, but it needs to be revoked. She is actually a very good example of the average ballerina. her body is very lean, and muscular, not skinny, and anorexic like many people think of when they hear ballerina. Tiny tater-tots are actually a side effect more than a prerequisite. From her looks she is either a pretty good amateur, or part of a low level company. Her breasts give her away as not being in a major company or being a professional. The pros diets and exercise regimens are so strict that the body fat levels drop to single digits, which means you are left with a fairly flat chested, but extremely well muscled and flexible body. The fact that she can do the toe stands without the reinforced slippers or the ankle bindings means that she is pretty well trained. I hope my correction is helpful, and spelled is very hard to type while masturbating to this video with a plastic bag over my head.
    • deleted | 4 years ago | +1
      True. I know a few ballerinas who are way better, but this chicks body is hot as fuck.
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +2
    she has a yummy bod - sowi i did not like the long pussy flaps - apart from this she is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • funnyman88 | 4 years ago | +2
    not gonna lie im in love
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +2
    That was the best 7:51 min I have spent on my pc in years
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