Basejump from elevator

Three guys not afraid of heights
by tomato1666 3 years ago (Thu, Oct 13, 2011) in Cool Stuff (SFW)
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  • abfcthomas | 3 years ago | +7
    I was nerves watching it, my ball are not that big, even behind a keyboard.
  • ConnieLynne | 3 years ago | +7 -1
    Whenever I get on the elevator, it stops at every floor!
    • bag0dicks | 3 years ago | +1
      Is that some kind of crack at yourself being a prostitute?
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
    they got some cojones
    • Back40 | 3 years ago
      From the sound of it while they were prejump, their cojones, were sucked up inside.
  • halfbreed | 3 years ago | +2
    Had butterflies in my stomach the whole vid... Amazing
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