Beautiful Bare Breasted East African Tribal Women

Beautiful Bare Breasted East African Tribal Women
by Koalajuana 3 years ago (Wed, Oct 12, 2011) in Wtf (NSFW)
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
Beautiful bare breasted east african tribal women
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  • jeptha | 3 years ago | +85 -18
    • catalin | 3 years ago | +27 -12
      Judging by the comments seems everyone sees what you have posted when they look at the pictures. Why, because they are black ? Because they are African black ? Because they have different customs than us or from what we are used to ? To me this seems like a bad taste joke and an insult to compare people to monkeys.. You can call people monkeys and insult them when they burn each other in the streets (pretty usual in Africa) or stone each other to death or beat each other senseless for no reason at the local fast food store. But not for being born different..
      • deleted | 3 years ago | +20 -6
        • catalin | 3 years ago | +3 -1
          Challenge accepted
      • bigblackjake | 3 years ago | +10 -5
        nice try, cat; but some of the folks here are way too stupid to understand you..... ..... hmm (opens umbrella while looking upward) i think it's about to neg.
      • deleted | 3 years ago | +3 -2
        Anybody else wondering how R&E got catalin's password? My reaction when I saw that was "oh shit!".... I am speculating people are plussing this because of the shock value is so high... not because they are racist... but the exact opposite.
      • deleted | 3 years ago | +2 -1
        No, I think they just want to make witty remarks about them being black and not admit that those are some fine ass tities and women that have em because they don't dare do that in public
      • deleted | 3 years ago | +1
      • Anghell | 3 years ago
        What do you mena compare peopel to monkies? We all evolved from something. Unless you believe in invisible people only you can see and voices only you can hear in your head!
        • Anghell | 3 years ago
          monkeys, mean, people, yes I know how to fucking spell
      • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | -1
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | +1 -1
          My "WOW" was for what catalin wrote. It was poignant and on point. I'm shocked but not really surprised. catalin for the most part sits back and lets us kids sort it all out for ourselves. He only intervenes when one of these cyber bullies gets his ass kicked and then goes crying to him...that's when he'll step in with an admonishment or two but for the most part he stays out of it. Much respect Cat, much respect.
    • soalfly | 3 years ago | +4
      when did everyone get so sensitive round here
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +32 -6
    I see a bunch of pictures but where are the "Beautiful Bare Breasted East African Tribal Women"?
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +8
      when I was a kid this is all the library had that I could masturbate too... so fuck off for shitting on my memories!
      • [ -5 Comment by deleted was filtered ] Show (2 descendent comments)
      • deleted | 3 years ago | -5
        Sorry hammer. I had the same mags but I had a white crayon! Didn't mean to shit on your parade!
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | +3 -2
          MICKSAD...I swear I'm not trying to start up again but I must say this...if you used that white crayon to cover up their beautiful black skin...then it would appear you were fapping to ghosts. I really don't know which is worse but to each his reach.
        • deleted | 3 years ago | +2 -2
          bro that is so fucked up ... I fine these women exotic and attractive...
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +12 -6
      [image]"Beautiful Bare Breasted WEST African Tribal Women"bby
      • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago
        Now this is what I'm talking about Hangar!!!! Thank you!
      • victorc2010 | 3 years ago | -1
        Hell yeah Hangar.Thats some sexy black I could get behind right there.
  • TheObamessiah | 3 years ago | +10 -1
    All I see are some beatiful breasts. The color doesn't matter to me.
  • 0331usmc | 3 years ago | +7 -1
    I'm going back to the chicks with gas masks on now...
  • neftaly | 3 years ago | +9 -4
    I think they are beautiful in their own way.
  • Leveewalker | 3 years ago | +18 -14
    All I see is a bunch of saucer lipped niggers
    • RazorRayStL | 3 years ago | +6 -4
      If we could confirm they are hiv negative, those saucers would make a great place to rest your balls during a BJ.
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | +2
      When looking through hillbilly redneck colored glasses I see the same thing. Tell me "drove a chevy through the Levee"...what's it like to see a woman with her shirt off that isn't your sister?
      • deleted | 3 years ago
        "to" the levy
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago
          Thanks Caligula..I should know better, my mother played Don McCleans "American Pie" practically every day when that record was out.
    • jerrykman | 3 years ago | -2
      Yeah, i bet you would love to f*&K those niggers you redneck
      • BamaOzz | 3 years ago | +1 -1
        Yeah, it seems the most racist of these inbreds would jump on a fine piece of black meat if it was offered to em. Of course, that nubian princess would never satisfy him like his sister does.
  • WonkyDonkey | 3 years ago | +4
    Wow, they get huge Oreos in Africa.......... Oh!!!
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago
      LMBAO. WONKY!!!!!! You never fail to come through with a killer at least once a month!
  • JPK1LL3R | 3 years ago | +4
    Flash backs to fapping to netgeo magazines while going through puberty
    • jerrykman | 3 years ago | +2 -2
      OH so true, I remember those
  • Blumpkin | 3 years ago | +4
  • Zer0TheHer0 | 3 years ago | +4 -1
    What the hell is wrong with some of you?? Some of these women are pretty damn fine, like 1, 4, 5 and 8. Those four are very fuckable, especially number 4.
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | +1
      Um...zero..you're my man and all...but ...er...um...I think your avatar is incredibly appropriate right now. LUV YA.
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +3
    All the unwashed pussy corpseshagger could ever want.
    • deleted | 3 years ago
      Nah, he'd have to wait until after they were mauled to death by a lion first.
  • Chleda | 3 years ago | +2
    Is it me or do they use plastic beads when doing their jewellry? If that is the case, how tribal can they be going to town to get/ buy beads?
    • scorpionking | 3 years ago
      Most likely gifts from guys who fuck them.
    • SteakSauce | 3 years ago
      its called clay, found at a NATURE near you. not everything bright colored is plastic. there are natural pigments found in the wild you know, like bug poop and stuff.
      • Chleda | 3 years ago
        Some of those beads have a hold the size of a pin or are all equal perportions, your going to tell me ALL those beads were made by hand with clay and natural pigments? No. Maybe the missionaries donated some.
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
    Bunch of mud ducks.....
  • comaTOASTpsycho | 3 years ago | +2
    Did #7 use bullet shells as hair deco! "Ingenuity"!
    • EVILlittleMAN | 3 years ago
      i thought i was the only one who noticed!
  • HIRO333 | 3 years ago | +2
    I think I would fuck the first one. she looks like the least weird to me and has nice tits. the rest I would just cum on that plate. I've always wondered how the fuck those africans have the whitest teeth with no toothpaste but yet some white people here have the nastiest yellow teeth ever.
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago
      That first one sort of reminds me of Iman
      • wardt3 | 3 years ago
        She's gorgeous.......and Iman wasn't half bad in her day either. Whatever happened to her? Still married to Bowie?
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago
          She and Bowie are still together. GOD bless them.
    • deleted | 3 years ago
      They don't eat all the processed chemical crap like we do, or eat sugar filled treats, or soda, or any of that. Plus I'm pretty sure they don't trick or treat on the savannah, so halloween candy is out.
    • HappyLady | 3 years ago
      They use some plants to brush their teeth with from time to time, making them extremely white. I know, because I live in Africa. And yes, i use toothpaste
  • jamstermedia | 3 years ago | +2
  • jamstermedia | 3 years ago | +2
  • jazennn | 3 years ago | +3 -1
    • deleted | 3 years ago
      Those are some gigantic nipples.
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