Body Mods Gone Bad

Body Mods/Piercing get infected or torn out.
by BMONEY888 3 years ago (Wed, Apr 18, 2012) in Gross (NSFW)
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
Body mods gone bad
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  • drad | 3 years ago | +22 -1
    I wonder if these genius' are surprised? And clean your disgusting fingernails you dirty savage.
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +17 -2
      Too late for cleaning fingernails or taking a bath...
      We have to put'em down.

    • 666Jona | 3 years ago | +7 -1
      Agreed. These are some scummy fuckers.
  • Cigarmann | 3 years ago | +6 -2
    sometimes uninfected mods are still bad.......
  • JollyRogArrh | 3 years ago | +4
    There is a woman in the guinness book of world record that has over 500 piercings. You should see her during a lightning storm.... She really takes charge
  • Jfritz | 3 years ago | +4
    [image]I know what I'm doin', chill the fuck out.
  • xHATR3Dx | 3 years ago | +3
    Yea as a body piercer/tattoo artist I hate to say this happens more than people know, some people are fucking dirty and forget that just because it's a small hole that it can't get infected I have had people come into my shop with nasty infections like this and I just send them to the er I've hada couple of actually mods done not just piercings and tattoos and I couldn't imagine letting them ever get this bad even if I wasn't medically trained they essentially did it to themselves
  • BabyMakR | 3 years ago | +3
    • Auroravfim | 3 years ago | +1
      I would murder someone if they did this to me.
  • bigmike925 | 3 years ago | +6 -4
    I think I will keep the holes in my head God gave me.... Cant do the body mod thing
  • salvbabe82 | 3 years ago | +5 -3
    i used to have my belly buttom pierced and never got any infections cause i used to clean that almost 24/7...its all about hygiene
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +11 -9
    I can totally sympathize. Ive been workin on this new mod where I cut off my scalp and face to expose my entire skull. Everything was fine until I got to the skin around my eyes. I removed the skin alright but what I hadn't taken into account was that without eyelids my eyes would dry up and fall out. So here I am blind as shit with two grapes superglued in my sockets with magic marker pupils. Only place I can find a date now is at the retard home downtown because all the fucking deaf bitches at the deaf and blind school told all the blind hoes what I look like.
    • 666Jona | 3 years ago | +8 -2
      • [ -5 Comment by deleted was filtered ] Show (8 descendent comments)
      • deleted | 3 years ago | +1 -6
        I want you to sit on my dick. I haven't fucked an asshole since my cat died last month. I called him mr tight sphincter. I loved the way he would hiss and scratch at me. Do you hiss and purr when your bowels are filled with a micropenis? I hope so. I don't really like the scratching part but I don't know what he thought was gonna happen prancing around the room with his tail up. I hate teases.
        • MrRam | 3 years ago | +6 -1
          Well there's an image that is morbid to visualize... Not the cat part, I always say to each his own, but the micro penis? Poor cat must have died from boredom.
          • PLEDGEY | 3 years ago | +3
            Died of boredom.......classic! :)
          • deleted | 3 years ago | +1 -4
            No he died cuz I only fed him scrap metal. I liked the way shards would protrude from his rectum and shred my dick. That's how it became a micropenis.
            • MrRam | 3 years ago | +1
              That's moderately disturbing Really though, is that the Only reason you enjoyed it? Like, there's gotta be more to this Lavish story... Do tell
              • MrRam | 3 years ago | +1
                And I now know, comments don't register returns when posted. So much for that endeavor. Attempt at clever line format to spell a word: failed
                • deleted | 3 years ago | +1 -1
                  You're fuckin weird dude
                  • Budwhite | 3 years ago | +2
                    Says the kettle to the pot
                  • MrRam | 3 years ago | +2
                    Classic response illicited; immediately discredit that which you dot comprehend. And I was just called weird by a man who comments on raping household feline ass... I don't know how to feel about this
  • BorisYeltsin | 3 years ago | +2
    No sympathy from me. Each and every one made a conscious decision to do that knowing the risks. Implanting foreign objects in the body like this isn't going to end well....
    • MrCapnNate | 3 years ago | +3
      Actually you would be amazed at the number of people who have body mods (especially piercings) who make the decision yet aren't aware of the risks. These are the same people who go to tattoo parties in people's basements or go out and buy a guaged needle and pierce their friends. A good portion of the piercings you see every day were homemade....
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