Boston Bomber dead body photo

"Too many bullet holes to count" - coroner
by suicideking 1 year ago (Fri, Apr 19, 2013) in Gore (NSFW)
Boston bomber dead body photo
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  • ecorock | 1 year ago | +36
    He died too fast.
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +11 -2
      He also got off easy in my opinion. He should have been tortured slowly. Piece of shit
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +4
      They caught the other brother on a boat, taken to hospital alive, Obama fixing to speak. CNN right now
      • GlitterAndTrauma | 1 year ago | +3 -1
        Family are adamant that they're innocent and had been monitored by the FBI for the last 5 years or so. Strange.

        .... I've never known any innocent people to make bombs?
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    • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
      Looks like eco took a bite outta crime!
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +4
      HAHA HA No thats funny
  • g0g3tfuck3d | 1 year ago | +10
    Looks good to me! Dead!!!
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
      They tried to save him, the big hole on the left side was for hand to heart pumping instead of chest compressions, the red and purple face was from the device he tried to kill himself with.
  • asdf1234 | 1 year ago | +12 -2
    Eye for an eye mother fucker!
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +4
      Shit he should of endure more pain and longer of it!!
    • JustenCase | 1 year ago | +5 -3
      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
      • deleted | 1 year ago | +1 -2
        I like that. Where is it from?
        • JustenCase | 1 year ago | +4

          • GlitterAndTrauma | 1 year ago | +2 -1
            I would've though Ghandi's quote would have been more well known than just the "eye for an eye"..?
  • mufasa | 1 year ago | +8
    Soo we just gonna kill him with no information taken. How about some answers before we blow him out with the fire hose
  • Cigarmann | 1 year ago | +7
    no pity for this ass nugget.
    • treeshaka | 1 year ago | +1
      Ass nugget.....oh yeah, I will be slipping that one into my vernacular.
      • enigma74 | 1 year ago | +1
        I was thinking the same thing. I'm using that one fit sure.
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +5
    im not really keeping up with all this very much and not sure if anyone's seen this.…
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    • backward420 | 1 year ago | +1 -5
      fuck the uncle too!!!
      • deleted | 1 year ago | +4
        but i dont want to fuck the uncle. :(
        • t0llb00thwillie | 1 year ago | +2
          Then a BJ would be totally out of the question, correct?
          • drdannyc | 1 year ago | +1
            Not with those fury hands of hers.
            • t0llb00thwillie | 1 year ago | +2
              I've been paying $25 for a BJ, and your telling me it's a $5 handjob I've been getting?
              • drdannyc | 1 year ago | +1
                Talk to fkb about the rates, willie. That's a Friday night special right thurr.
  • g0g3tfuck3d | 1 year ago | +4
    That's a gnarly birth, I mean death mark!
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +4
    So is there any video of ANY of this shit happening?.. There's cameras EVERYWHERE in Boston, why no video?
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
      Truth and 'intelligence' is for governments, not people. You should know that, Tricky Dick
  • friendlygarfield | 1 year ago | +4
    well in one way i am content he is dead ( one more to go )
    i really would have liked to have gotten at least one of these two alive
    to figure out WHY - that these two should be removed from society (death) seems not in question now = well it looks from this side that the entire USA police force & special forces & army /navy ,marines ( just keep adding them in ) is out there looking for the live one
    from this side - it leaves me alittle concerned - going on worried
    i try explain
    firtly - i am happy that the USA is leaving no stone (grain of sand ) unturned looking for this SOB ( Good thing ) hats off - well done :-)

    well if one or two people can cause 99% of the USA armed forces to be deployed - what would happen if it was a larger group ? need to ask Canada,Europe .... for help ? (ok i exaggerated alittle for effect :-)
    but i think you get my point
    if the liter bottle has 500ml in it - is it half full or half empty ?
    • mrmalaka | 1 year ago | +2
      I hope they get the other alive so we can get the whole story then kill his ass.
    • friendlygarfield | 1 year ago | +1
      sending in all the forces that have been deployed - shows conviction and no messing about - certain they will get him/them ^ lifts hat in sign of respect ^
      sending in so much force makes one wonder - what if he/they was a large group of people ? would the forces deployed become larger ? FFS it is only 2 young men (so i read ) ^ walks off with a confused look in my furry eyes ^
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +3
    Damn, looks brutal. Sucks for him, he shouldn't have harmed all those innocent people.
    • drunkenpiano | 1 year ago | +11 -10
      There's no concrete evidence that was without a question of a doubt that these two did anything. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. They are suspects not convicts.
      • Jgrizz | 1 year ago | +2
        I so believe they reacted in a threatening manner or this would not have happened. But I do agree with you.
      • unsacred82 | 1 year ago | +1
        easy to get caught in a frenzy. i think we act irrational when unpredictable things come our way. i am not sure how i would react and i hope the truth is not far away. we only have a body at this point
  • Seltar007 | 1 year ago | +3
    Surely these two have already been convicted in the court of public opinion, but all suspects of serious crimes especially in the US have rights. They had every opportunity to use those rights when the man hunt started... I would not be surprised that the one survived will live through his injuries to stand stand trial and/or will commit suicide while awaiting trial.
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
      Careful, that's an unpopular idea round these parts. Better jump on the torture bandwagon while you can
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    Not enough bodily harm for me.. It still has a head & torso!!!
  • Gizmo2102 | 1 year ago | +2
    He still has all his limbs so he didn't die a suitable death!
  • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +2
    They said he had damage for an explosive device on his abdomen too.. I wish he would of hung on in agony for a few more days..
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
      me too. I think he might have had more ties to whomever more so than the younger brother.
  • aparts | 1 year ago | +2
    i have used the same after shave lotion burns like hell
  • DerOrso | 1 year ago | +2
    I want to see the video of the cop who had the broad sword
  • imakebeer | 1 year ago | +2
    Meh, good riddance.
  • WonkyDonkey | 1 year ago | +2
    Looks like he has 2 belly buttons...
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +3 -1
    Has anyone seen footage of the shoot outs with the cops? I heard these two guys shot at cops and had homemade bombs they were throwing at the cops. If this is true, this does not sound like innocent kids getting framed.
    • Angrypryncess | 1 year ago | +1
      I have a video pending that was aired on a boston news channel of the initial shootout
  • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
    In my opinion, It's awfully convenient.
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