Caught beating meat

Time to change locks
by Queef 7 years ago (Wed, Mar 26, 2008) in Funny (NSFW)
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  • deleted | 7 years ago | +17
    " i got off work an hour early", so u could catch yr fkn buddy herkin the gerkin, u fkn fag
  • superman2050 | 7 years ago | +13
    well that was a bit dramatic wasnt it.
  • sawan | 7 years ago | +11
    I must be a better wanker than him . HAHA cause ive never been fkn caught.
    • xxx123 | 7 years ago | +5
      your mother lats you think that yeah
      • sawan | 7 years ago | +1
        She never heard me because wheelchairs with 4 wheel drive and could tackle stairs wern't invented yet., and no she wasn't a fkn rocket sceintist.
        • deleted | 7 years ago
          o man, lol
  • OChill | 7 years ago | +11
    Masturbation prevents war.
    • Discombobulated | 7 years ago | +5
      But can cause carpal tunnel and other injuries especially if you stumble in to a table of beer bottles when your room mate busts in on you!
      • Victor0Charlie | 7 years ago | +2
        If you get carpal tunnel syndrome you must be doing it wrong
    • nookielookie | 7 years ago | +3
      this is true. if I didnt masturbate so much I probally would have killed my hubby by now!
    • superman2050 | 7 years ago
      all excpet neg wars, they are unstopable
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      Hmmmph tell me about it
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +10
    i got caught jerkin it one time by my step sister and she fkn sucks a mean cock let me tell u
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      Lucky bloddy you Mr stepsis was a dyke!
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      u sick bastards plusing me for letting my step sister swallow, lol
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      u whore! I mean she's a whore....hee hee
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +8
    Sitting in my house, and I know that I'm alone, Feeling kinda horny got a tingle in my bone, Go and get my pants off and a picture of Sharen Stone!! Heeeey Masterbater!! I go a little faster and it's feeling kinda nice, Once aint enough so I had to do it twice, If you want to spank the monkey, I can give you good advice!! Heeeey Masterbater!! I use some baby oil or a little vassiline, Layin down a towel so I keep my carpet clean, Never shake my hand cuz you dont know where it's
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      been heeey masterbater
      • deleted | 7 years ago
        ahh john u crazy irish bastard luv ya man, in a very non gay way
        • deleted | 7 years ago | +1
          • deleted | 7 years ago
            come on garage u fkn know what happens when u start w/me dont ya
            • deleted | 7 years ago | +3
              You get upset and I say sorry :) Just playing :P
              • deleted | 7 years ago
                see haha, yr ok man
        • deleted | 7 years ago
          so it wasn't gay just friendly when you wanted that pic my ass?. pheewww man i was worried. lets all have a group hug twatty i love you man your a beautiful human being.
          • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
            thanks bro, harry man ass na ill pass, save it for precious
  • redd | 7 years ago | +7
    Poor bastard was just trying to relax and take a load off his mind!!
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +6
    LMAO cought doing the five knuckle chuckle ,good luck getting a date with that rep
    • superman2050 | 7 years ago | +8
      five knuckle shuffle, i didnt see his hand laughing
      • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
        And it doesn't talk with it's mouth full either
  • O22Y | 7 years ago | +6
    He was beatin it to Mini Winehouse.
  • PissFlap | 7 years ago | +4
    Speed will have many flashbacks with this vid.
    • j18speed | 7 years ago | +5
      I've been caught so many times by so many people I don't even get embarrassed anymore. My wife actually conceeded the LazyBoy to me after catching me in it once. She won't sit anywhere near it now.
      • fuckitdamn | 7 years ago | +1
        so you were just marking your territory huh speed
      • deleted | 7 years ago
        My wife wants me to in front of her but she won't let me cum in her face
        • j18speed | 7 years ago
          Hold out man. Make her want it.
          • Arby3 | 7 years ago
            yeah, like that will work...i've NEVER in my life heard of a beautiful woman who couldn't get laid because her husband was holdin out.
    • PissFlap | 7 years ago
      (... but hey, I know Speed knows that I love him to bits and mean this in a good way...!) :)
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +4
    Is it me or did he go into that door E Honda style?
  • TheyCallMeBALLS | 7 years ago | +3
    i wouldnt be suprised if he didnt leave a brown crown on that chair
  • MiPalomaEnTuBoca | 7 years ago | +3
    aw man, at the table? Do what I did, lean up against the door, dumbass
  • Flamesack112 | 7 years ago | +3
    That was funny as hell. At least he didn't get caught masturbating to gay porn. I know how embarassing that is.
  • Rokit_pilot | 7 years ago | +2
    Pwned! P P P Pwned.... Baaaahahahahaha
  • feathers | 7 years ago | +2
    if you say you havent done it you are a liar. if you say you have you are a dirty bastard.
    • j18speed | 7 years ago
      What if you lie and say you do it just to make friends?
      • Likit4me | 7 years ago | +1
        Then your a wanker
  • R3dneck | 7 years ago | +2
    Dick move, but thats what you get when you're not careful. I think this brings equal shame on both parties. More on the guy caught though, cause of the unnecessary spaz and taking out half the room.
  • jc338mag | 7 years ago | +2
    The most sensative part of your body while masturbating is your ears. Well I guess that theory is out the window!
  • Knightmare316 | 7 years ago | +2
    Hey!!! Come meet our wacky neighbor...
  • Domina | 7 years ago | +2
    What a fag. I walked in on someone beating off once, he did almost the same thing...
    • Anghell | 5 years ago
      a proper lady couldve helped him finish off.
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