Chocolate starfish

Butt hole
by JesusChrist420 5 years ago (Mon, Mar 01, 2010) in Wtf (Porn)
Chocolate starfish
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  • kmb666 | 5 years ago | +4
    I give her asshole 5 stars!
    • deleted | 5 years ago
      and five licks! ; )
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +3
    That's her STAR attraction
    • deleted | 5 years ago
      isnt there a spice named STAR ANUS?? Oh, wait...thats star anise
    • graverobba | 5 years ago
      kind of looks like a play-doh factory i had as a kid
      • brennan | 5 years ago
        I don't think you wanna be playin' with the 'doh that comes out of that factory...
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
    This pic is shittier than the "chocolate Starfish" album...
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
    Yuck! Dirty nails and chipped nail polish? what a nasty whore!
    • 666DELICIOUS666 | 5 years ago
      nasty isn't the word.......but she is a whore for tattooing her asshole! dirty slut!
      • marshallbanana | 5 years ago
        How much would tattooing your asshole hurt?
        • WonkyDonkey | 5 years ago
          Looks like she's had a few pricks in her ass before, so I'm sure it didn't feel that strange to her.
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