Coco s fine ass

Ice T's wife Coco gets nude
by Caliswangin24 5 years ago (Wed, Nov 04, 2009) in Celebrity (NSFW)
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  • deleted | 5 years ago | +6
    I have to admit she is still a 10
    • PhotoShopWarrior | 5 years ago | +3 -2
      a 10 gallon bucket of silicone maybe.
      • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
        Who cares about her tits ? I would love to ride that wave her ass is making.
        • deleted | 5 years ago | +5
          even though it stinks of IceT
          • deleted | 5 years ago
            I agree.. And I boob man
  • kmb666 | 5 years ago | +6
    I go coco for Coco's puffs!!
    • deleted | 5 years ago
      And she's coo-coo for coco nuts!!
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +6
    "MAMASITA" she just gave me a clitoner!
  • WonkyDonkey | 5 years ago | +5
    Quite frankly it was only the Chemical Brothers tune that made me watch this till the end. Had a car come crashing through the side of the house or had she tripped and fell through a glass table whilst trying to nigga-wiggle her ass then it would be worthy. But to see some pumped up, plastic, cracker ho. Strutting around a garishly decorated living area. Hell I can see that on youtube. Or conversely if it was at least a new video that H666 had an exclusive on then maybe worth a watch. Maybe I just woke up in a cynical mood, who knows?
    • ecorock | 5 years ago | +4
      Cynical? I think you hit the nail on the head. Have an apple!
    • Ivadirtyvitch | 5 years ago | +3
      I get ya mate. Maybe we're just becoming jaded by this site by higher expectations. I found myself looking out the window trying to make out where this was filmed, and think nice apartment she%u2019s got there.
    • deleted | 5 years ago
  • scorpionking | 5 years ago | +3
    Quit fucking around and show us the pussy already
  • lowprofile | 5 years ago | +3
    once a stripper, always a stripper........... I'd fuck her......and put a $5 in her g-string
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
    She can fuck and marry a black dude, but she still moves like a white girl... P.S. What was she doing anyways looking for her keys?
    • Cor3 | 5 years ago | +2
      Ice-T's hair pick
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +3 -1
    I will never understand how any guy can find this fake ugly bitch sexy.On top of that how fucked up does she have to be in the head to think Ice T is sexy.
  • OtisDaywoTheKnights | 5 years ago | +2
    Goes to show can take the ass out of Compton, but you can't take Compton out of the ass!
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
    why doesnt ice t just fuck her on film already and collect on the sex tape. he's already pimpin her out everywhere.. fuck send her to the bunny ranch! i'll be first in line!.!.!.!
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