Crying bitch

She doesn't like anal
by catalin 9 years ago (Fri, Jun 16, 2006) in Porn Fail (Porn)
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  • Red Baron | 9 years ago | +6 -1
    Hey assfisticuffs, you would know what being fucked in the ass feels you stupiid fag
  • drad | 7 years ago | +4
    girl needs acting lessons...
  • MzHeartBreaka | 8 years ago | +3
    lol i didnt cry lol.... I SCREAMed my ass off =D YES I DID =D
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +3
    o come on it dont hurt that bad!
    • Neander | 4 years ago
      Then let me fuck you in the ass.
      • deleted | 3 years ago
        ok come fuck me then!
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
          great name lol
  • The Butcher of Raleigh | 9 years ago | +2
    assfistingcufs -- you know u cried like that your first time too, you pole hider
  • MrMarz05 | 8 years ago | +2
    Anybody else find this to be really really funny? Maybe I'm just a sick bastard...
    • souleater | 5 years ago
      no its kak funny i was lauging my dick off well since i was bizzi wanking i almost ripped it off when i thought about the humour BEHIND it.
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