Cytheria hard fuck and squirt

Cytheria hard fuck and squirt
by catalin 8 years ago (Sat, Oct 21, 2006) in Porn (Porn)
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  • may1 | 8 years ago | +3
    i do this but more from grinding on top or fingering in the right spot and then this warm liquid just runs out and theres lots of it - when i started working out all my muscles inside firmed up and you just push and it comes but in the beginning you do have to kind of work out the kinks - like dont have a full bladder so that is why guys might have experienced the peeing thing but once a girl gets it worked out its just this liquid much more watery then sperm - its great if i guy knows about it and likes it but i have had a couple of guys that it has scared (their words) - it is freaky cause so much liquid comes out and then it scares me (their reaction can be from angry to freaked) because they do think you are peeing on them and it messes everything up - which i hate - because i am a very clean girl so that is definitely a downside and embarrassing but if the guy likes it and knows about it then - well it gets really hot , he helps not make it so messy and then eventually there is no liquid left - justfyi
  • Blazenem | 8 years ago | +2
    that shit does happen and its not piss it doent smell like piss and dont feel like it either
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