Daddy's girl

If you can read this It's too late
by deleted 4 years ago (Sun, Mar 13, 2011) in Wtf (NSFW)
Daddy s girl
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  • NigolRebmem | 4 years ago | +15 -3
  • MsPus | 4 years ago | +8
    Maybe she calls her pussy Daddy and she's just bragging...
  • OdinsWrath | 4 years ago | +8
    everyone, you're reading it says "my daddy will bill you"....
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +7 -1
    "mY daddy will kill you... if my AIDS doesn't first!"
  • RabidAnteater | 4 years ago | +6
  • WonkyDonkey | 4 years ago | +5
    Hold on folks. You're not getting the full tat here.......... Below that it says if "if your balls touch"
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +4
    "In come your daddy standing 6'4" he said ' you ain't gonna swing with my daughter no more"" (you had to lived in the 80's to get that one)
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +4 -1
    I want to know if she showed her "daddy". Hell, he may have put it there
  • SupremeLegend | 4 years ago | +4 -1
    Her daddy will kill you because only her daddy is allowed to fuck her pussy.
  • Rhino76 | 4 years ago | +2
    I'd like to cum on you too
  • Hellgates | 4 years ago | +2
    What made you guys think that this is a girl?
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +2
    where's the hat on that cat? nice pussy
  • captaink | 4 years ago | +2
    if it were my daughter, the rest of the tat would be *the barrel of a shotgun* pointing straight at whoever is looking.... O ... and there'd also be a chastity belt on her too!!!
    • captaink | 4 years ago
      but if I was the one who found the tat on her, that would just make me want her even more!!!
      • deleted | 4 years ago | +3
        That's fucked up dude, I hope your daughter is at least 18.
        • captaink | 4 years ago
          ok, that reads a little wrong, that should be... "if I found that tat on a girl that I was seeing, that would just make me want her even more"... I could NEVER do something like that to my daughter... to yours maybe, but not to my own!
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