Delicious chicken addict

Chicken Theif
by Caliswangin24 5 years ago (Fri, May 21, 2010) in Funny (SFW)
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  • spanky24 | 5 years ago | +14
    If my daughter or grand daughter brings This bastard home i`m gonna commit double murder !!!
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +9
      you like your chicken that much huh?
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | +2 -2
      Hell if MY daughter or grandaughter brought him home, I'd do the same. No fuck that.....I'd just kill him and make sure my child made better choices next time.
      • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
        RightAndExact... As your stay here on H666 becomes longer, the whiter your comments become. Makes me feel good that us honkeys are changing your ignorant perspective on things ;^) Pretty soon you'll be playing 18 holes with us and joining Wine and Caviar parties! Your wife will be joining the ladies in scrapbooking parties and your son's gonna put down the basketball and pick up Pokemon Cards... I'm proud of you boy! LOL
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | +1
          Philly! I'm already playing 18 holes and attending wine and caviar parties (that's some nasty ass shit you white folks like to eat:caviar, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.) My wife has been at every scrapbook party since the first one...those ladies love to sit in a sewing circle and ask her personal intimate questions about my dick game. And as for my son? He's taking his ass to school so he can get an education and OWN the team. Now you say that my statements are becoming whiter and whiter...heavens forbid. Watch me now as I pick my afro and flare my already wide nostrils as I go after this dicktip abouve you called "easynow". I'll holler back at you PD - you know you're my horse if you don't ever win a race!
      • easynow | 5 years ago | +3 -2
        i just hope you know you dont hav to be the moral spokesperson on everything thats black on this website now dont start tryin be the moral martin luther king of the internet super high way coz dat shit is rainin down on deaf ears you need chill the fuck out. BLACK V WHITE!!!!!!!!!sort yourself out ye mad ol bastard
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | +6 -4
          Greetings easynow..I see from your profile that you like Bob Dylan so therefore you can't possibly be as dumb as you sound but let me take your ass to task anyway. I never set out to be the moral spokesperson for all things black on this site, but seeing as how a lot of you just comment and state your misconceptions about my people I feel that I have the right to retort. Now if you don't like what I write you can always go back to making car bombs or whatever the fuck it is you do in Dublin, Ireland and just scroll past my avatar whenever you see it. The "moral Martin Luther King"..I kind of like that...maybe I'll get some t-shirts printed up. Lemme hear you say it three times real quick...go ahead! As for my words raining down on deaf ears...they're not as deaf as you make it out to be....YOU heard me loud and clear thus your responding to me. And trust'll be reading everything I write henceforth...just because I piss you off. I'm in your head now spud farmer. Welcome !
          • easynow | 5 years ago
            first of all i thought this was one of the funniest posts up here in a while and a lot of the posts totally unmerited the old racist stereotypes yourself said you would murder the child. i jus thought it was funny. what im trying to say it that sometimes replying to posts like these just aint worth the time or effort. for the record i already read and genuinely enjoy your some of your rambling musings, and calling you a mad ol bastard was jus an of the cuff remark. p.s. im not a potato farmer but i am sitting down to a nice shepards pie with some cheesey spud mash on top. regards take it easy.
            • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago
              SAVE ME A SLICE!
              • KrushGroove | 5 years ago | +1 -1
                haha, easynow was commented into submission. FINISH HIM!
                • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | -1
                  Luv ya Krush!
                  • Jarhead | 5 years ago | +2
                    Argueing over the internet is like the special olympics. Right and exact pretended to be a retard so he could enter and win.... and easynow is still retarded.
    • airdoc | 5 years ago | +1 -1
      You don't have to worry, from the sound of his voice, I don't think he's interested in girls.
    • salar | 5 years ago
      am wendring if the dad like chickin too...
    • deleted | 5 years ago
      Well, you know what to use for bait...
    • deleted | 5 years ago
      everyone, ..scroll down, and glance at these comment arguments- this has to be the gayest shit in all of 666. this is the 1st time I felt ,--just ...wrong and dirty on this site. thanks goes out to --Right and Exact / easynow / and all the other fags who made this possible
  • detroitboyhot1 | 5 years ago | +10
    I swear I want to kick his ass for keeping the stereotype alive
    • NinjaGirl | 5 years ago | +7
      I was in a watermelon eating contest, 2 weeks ago, and of 10 people (women and some LARGE men), the winner was not only a woman, but also the ONLY black person in the contest. Stereotypes are there for a reason. Because there's some truth to them. Afterwards, me and the other white people danced awkwardly, while a mexican with no car insurance, rear-ended a slow asian driver.
      • deleted | 5 years ago
        A Mexican with no car insurance parked by my car 2 years ago... His F150 caught on fire and it spread to my car, burning it to the ground. Stereotypes ARE there for a reason.
      • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago
        Ninja girl...this was brilliant!!! And you're right there's some truth to all stereotypes.
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +4
      yeah cause its just him
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | +1
      Let me know when you get ahold of him...I want to stick a bucket of chicken up his asshole.....sideways.
      • airdoc | 5 years ago | +3
        Don't forget to post the pictures on H666
    • ninjaking777 | 5 years ago | +1
      but yall still want to keep the hugh cock stereotype
      • AllNightFright | 5 years ago | +1
        Which one? The chicken loving or the stealing?
  • Souder | 5 years ago | +8
    Props to the guy for being able to hold a note with his voice. And the song is NOT about Racism, Crack, Hoes, Money, or Pimpin' his Ride.
    • Huerequeque | 5 years ago | +1
      I was kinda thinkin' the same thing, but then again he is singing about stealing the chicken.
  • KrushGroove | 5 years ago | +4
    really, nigga? sometimes i hate being black.
    • deleted | 5 years ago | +2
      Yeah bro, cuz more than likely you're related... My black friend has like, a hundred cousins just here in Ocala! LOL
      • KrushGroove | 5 years ago | +2
        cool story bro
        • deleted | 5 years ago
          We could be... My last name IS Jenkins :^D Wouldn't that be totally radical?!?
          • Caliswangin24 | 5 years ago | -1
            • deleted | 5 years ago | -1
              NEG... YES, it would be totally tubular!!!
              • NinjaGirl | 5 years ago
                PHHHHHHHHHIIILLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!!! Dammit, Philly.......... I know, you've probably heard that. But, fuck it.
                • deleted | 5 years ago | +1 -1
                  Young lady, you've been hitting the bottle haven't you... When you get tired, you can sleep on my bed. I promise I won't(will) rape you in your sleep :^)
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago
      NO Krush... do like I do..I hate the fact that HE'S black! We don't need this type of ignorant coon.
      • koolios2050 | 5 years ago | +1
        to call him an ignorant coon, for what seems to be a very, very silly joke video is a little harsh isn't it?
        • Likit4me | 5 years ago
          I agree, all he was doing was having fun at his own expense.
          • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago
            And that's what most ignorant coons do....then the rest of us are always lumped in with them. To record a song about stealing is ignorant, especially when you have a decent voice..that's waste of your GODgiven talent.....but to write and record a song about breaking into cars and stealing chicken??! No with this infidels head. We can't afford this type of ignorance any more.
      • laron101 | 5 years ago
        And I hate the fact that his dads walks by and dances at 1:40...
      • KrushGroove | 5 years ago
        But that type of ignorant coon will most likely make an undeserved amount of money based solely on his ignorance. I want to slap his mom.
  • Swipa | 5 years ago | +4
    Seriously......this makes me ashamed to be black. :/
    • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago
      Like I said to ashamed that HE's black. You and I are doing just fine as intelligent, articulate black men
  • electr0ma | 5 years ago | +3
    i heard he just released his watermelon fever follow up album.
  • fuckyerface | 5 years ago | +4 -1
    black people are funny
    • ecorock | 5 years ago | +7
      You spelled lazy incorrectly.
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +3
    I only saw some teeth and eyes
  • deleted | 5 years ago | +3
    I thought this kid was cool. He could sing, had a funny face, and looks like, he also has a sense of humour. In fact, I am going to fave this young Chris Rock wannabe- cause he is funny.
    • Souder | 5 years ago
      I was thinking early Will Smith.
  • Likit4me | 5 years ago | +2
    I'm off to get me some chicken...
    • airdoc | 5 years ago | +2
      Don't leave it in your car.. Replacing windows is expensive..
  • rednekyarddog | 5 years ago | +2
    o geez just wait till he has a watermelon craving
  • hornyimp | 5 years ago | +2
    Well look on the brightside,he didn't look high.
  • Kowboy | 5 years ago | +2
    Oh my gosh!!! DOES THIS SUCK!!!!!!!!
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