Dirty little whores

All girls gangbang.
by gettem007 6 years ago (Thu, Jun 04, 2009) in Porn (Porn)
Dirty little whores
Dirty little whores
Dirty little whores
Dirty little whores
Dirty little whores
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  • Plexipunk | 6 years ago | +7
    There is something sexy about a girl who can take 13 inches of baseball bat in her ass.
  • Sylvia | 6 years ago | +5
    I'm sick of missing out on all the sex action, I'm off to Walmart to buy a baseball bat and find some slutty friends. Sod that, I'll build up slowly with a candle and a couple of girls from my piano class
    • Sylvia | 6 years ago
      I sure seem to be queen of negs lately! Have I offended anyone?
      • deleted | 6 years ago
        not me babe
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +4
    Sometimes being the centre of attention isn't always the best.
  • j18speed | 6 years ago | +2
    Those are some stoned and drunk looking bitches. I'm going to need their addresses.
    • WonkyDonkey | 6 years ago | +1
      Don't you think you've stalked enough stoned and drunk bitches, Speed?
      • jimwhitey | 6 years ago | +8
        Not to mention retarded and crippled.
        • DescendingForth | 6 years ago | +5
          lest we forget the "dead girls that look like Oprah" phase.
          • massageplus | 6 years ago | +1
            ....and when he sits on both hands for half an hr then thinks he's been fisted and jerked by someone else!!
            • Psyche | 6 years ago | +2
              not to even mention his weekly visits to the insane and old people asylums.... i picked that up from him...
    • tomasap1 | 6 years ago | +1
      From all the things these people say about you, I need you as a wing man speed.
      • Likit4me | 6 years ago
        Hey, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    last pic OH..GEEEEEDDDDD!!!!
    • TriniPsycho | 6 years ago
      Well you know, that's just another way of playing "ring around the rosey". Ass slut version.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    I've always wondered what happened at a tupperware party.
  • demodicky | 6 years ago | +2
    Hey mom...I went to spring break and all I got was a pink sock and a scortching case of herpes
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    their not at my house,that much is sure.
  • elsuperbeasto | 6 years ago | +2
    i didnt know they made a sequal to "a league of there own"
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