Girls just wanna have...

by slikride 3 years ago (Tue, Oct 25, 2011) in Kink (Porn)
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  • slikride | 3 years ago | +10 -4
    With a face like that, I'd cum on it too
  • RIGHT AND EXACT | 3 years ago | +4 -1
    I think this clip could have been included in the recent, "People Are Awesome" upload. This boys dexterity, agility, and skillset is almost paramilitary. Can't you see him dressed just like this, bursting through a window, rolling head over heels and landing ass up in the air while pointing a gun at the enemy from an upside down position? By the time the enemy gets through saying WHAT THE FUCK he'll be in cuffs.
  • PissFlap | 3 years ago | +2
    I fapped to this knowing it was a tranny, but now I feel all yukky and need to scrub myself with a wire brush.
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