Japanese schoolgirls

Forced to clean toilets
by ecorock 3 years ago (Sun, Jul 10, 2011) in Wtf (SFW)
Japanese schoolgirls
Japanese schoolgirls
Japanese schoolgirls
Japanese schoolgirls
Japanese schoolgirls
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  • deleted | 3 years ago | +4
    Just preparing them for future piss and shit eating porno careers
    • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago | +2
      i thought i recognized one of them from the 2 Girls 1 Finger vid!
    • deleted | 3 years ago
      yea haha theyr cleaning up the set just after a show
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +3
    widespread disgust/toilets/ and the habbits of the japanese seem to go hand in hand though, don't they?
  • kmb666 | 3 years ago | +3
    What's new, Asians and Shit!!
    • TheFlyingHoodlum | 3 years ago | +1
      ah. So YOU'RE the one that's been shitting in all the urinals...
  • ecorock | 3 years ago | +2
    A school which is making schoolgirls clean their male classmates toilets barefoot and barehanded is arousing widespread disgust amongst Japanese both for the humiliating nature of the practice and its complete diregard for hygiene amidst accusations that a bizarre toilet cleaning cult run by an elderly millionaire is actually trying to infiltrate the nations schools.

    • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago | +16 -2
      oh, it's AROUSING alright! *fap *fap *fap
      • Hellgates | 3 years ago
        Cant plus you yet so i owe you a fap.
      • Jimbar | 3 years ago | +1 -1
        hold on a sec! chics cant fap! I'm thinking you meant: *makes circles *makes circles *makes circles
        • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago | +2 -1
          do you have a pussy? I FAP! i don't like circles! ;-/
          • ray13star | 3 years ago | +3
            I think she's trying to say she's a tranny.
          • deleted | 3 years ago | +1
            do you have any videos? would love to see a girl try and fap.
          • endisnear | 3 years ago | -1
            your a pot head arent ya?
    • partyboy | 3 years ago | +1 -1
      Actually dude i sorta doubt these pics are from Japan all the toilets over there are either crazy electrical things or amercian style bowl full of water things. the dodge squat muslim toilets are not common in Japan but they are in Malaysia, Singapore, a bit in Thailand and a couple of other dodge muslim countries in Asia.
      • SarahMWA | 3 years ago
        You must have never been to Japan... The squat toilets are in damn near every school and older office building. Hell the only toilet at my train station was a squat with no door and a creepy old dude who always appeared when I was in desperate need. I worked on the 3rd floor of a prefectural building and had to go to the first floor to sit an pee. The fancy toilets are more common in malls, hotels, and homes.
    • SarahMWA | 3 years ago
      Other than the bare feet this is not all that uncommon in Japan. Suffering is believed to make a young person stronger (many rural schools have rules preventing parents from driving their kids to school even in adverse weather). Kids in Japanese kids go through rotations cleaning their school. From their classroom to the toilets to neighborhood trash clean-up. No one likes the toilet rotation, but everyone gets the honor at least once. Cleaning chemicals are rarely used and hot water is rarely available to students. Elbow grease, sponges and 15minutes.
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
    they missed a spot
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