Kiss after girl swallows cum

Is it acceptable to kiss after the girl has swallowed your cum?
by KRISWESMAR 2 years ago (Wed, Apr 10, 2013) in Discussion (Porn)
Next topic.............I realize I'm probably going to get mixed views here (maybe not), but I'm wondering how the majority of men feel about kissing after the girl who just performed oral sex and has swallowed your cum. Is this not cool, perfectly acceptable or somewhere in the middle?
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  • ukfan1986 | 2 years ago | +48
    Hell no, I might catch what I just gave her
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +6 -3
      Are y'all serious?
      • ukfan1986 | 2 years ago | +36
        I have only had a few complaint of a burning sensation, it can be enjoyable if you can bare it (or so says my sister)
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +2 -1
          To be fair, it's just a set of pills and blammo, you're cured.
  • AweYeah | 2 years ago | +25
    I nice pat on the head with...that'll do pig, that'll do.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      The best line ever
  • RegardsDolan | 2 years ago | +18 -1
    It's your jizz, why not? Not like it's coming out of the black dudes cock that your wife was fucking before she saw you.
    • SsgtGowen | 2 years ago | +2
      would you still kiss her after she lock your asshole?
      • RegardsDolan | 2 years ago | +1
        If she locked my asshole, then my mouth would be overflowing with shit anyways. Can't win.
  • g0g3tfuck3d | 2 years ago | +16
    My man kisses me...he ain't scurred!
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +17
      Yeah and they damn sure don't hesitate shovin their dick in our mouth after pulling it out of our ass! Double standard if you ask me.
      • Cableguyforhire210 | 2 years ago | +12 -1
        You are a fine swallow and take it in the arse...your man needs to hurry up and get his testosterone therapy soon or he's gonna lose you...
        • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +5
          Love you - thanks! [laughing]
        • Stewfox85 | 2 years ago | +1
          Didnt mean to neg you im srry
      • artemny | 2 years ago | +4
        "don't hesitate shovin their dick in our mouth after pulling it out of our ass" DAMN! What a lucky bastard your man... )))
        • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +2 -1
          SEE - validates that men are sick but refuse to French kiss after we swallow your cum. UGH!
          • supremelegend | 2 years ago | +22
            Men are sick? You are the one putting shit-covered dicks in your mouth.
          • Jagged | 2 years ago | +4
            Well see right there is your problem, it's not the nutt gravy it's the whole what was in your ass is now in your mouth..
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
            You swallow my cum, I'll definitely kiss you.
          • slider2cool | 2 years ago | +2
            Only fair!, you kiss us after we go down on you!
          • artemny | 2 years ago | +2 -1
            read my previous comment again... your hate blocks you from seeing clear... I said it's perfectly OK.
          • PanamaKing | 2 years ago | +1
            Not all men are the same, I am open minded and actually enjoy it.
          • hardparty69 | 2 years ago | +1 -1
            ill kiss you fuck it, its my body why not..i have kissed chicks right after they gave me a fresh rim job so the blow job isnt even an issue.
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +2 -1
          No shit, is kiss her.
          Pun intended
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
            I'd *fucking phone*
      • jeucpa | 2 years ago | +1
        never managed the atm, but up to now i have no prob to kiss my gf after a nice well-ended blow job!
      • psyclops | 2 years ago | +1
        you do ass to mouth? :D
        • MsMarz | 2 years ago | +2
          You never go ass to mouth!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +14
    Meh, the load is usually swallowed before the tongue sucking. It's not like it's someone elses load of salty goodness, plus it earns you brownie points with the missus. Women love that kinky shit, a happy woman = empty testicals, win win.
  • zoidberg | 2 years ago | +12
    Kind of makes you a cock sucker by proxy.
  • cigarmann | 2 years ago | +11
    I don't even want her in bed afterwards.......
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +2 -1
      Well said my friend.
  • DANK78 | 2 years ago | +10
    I don't give a damn if my girl has a little left on her lip, I'm throwing down on some kisses. She kisses me after l eat her out. We aren't in it to wipe up or rinse every little body fluid that seeps out.
    • prx | 2 years ago | +2
      well spoken, very much agreed here
  • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +11 -3
    Wish I had a mouth full of tasty cum right now with all this input from you participants.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
      Must have been women who negged your comment.
  • MariaUK | 2 years ago | +7
    My man cannot wait to kiss me we snowball his cum back and forward a few times I always swallow it though. I also love the taste of my cum after he has been down on me.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +12
      I just vurped...
      • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +11
        Mine was full blown vomit.
      • deleted | 2 years ago | +2 -1
        LOL...Same here...
  • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +6
    I'll lick that shit right off her tongue... I don't give a fuck.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      No she was asking about cum... Not rim job/kiss.
      • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +6
        Oh... in that case, fuck no! That's gross!
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      sounds just like our PM's.
      • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +1
        Have you seen the latest thread? Shit's kinda spooky...
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +6
    Wow all these guys here with chicks that won't suck a dick, that should be a prerequisite fellas. Poor bastards.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +5
    How do i get my wife to swallow???
    • DANK78 | 2 years ago | +7
      Put one hand under her chin and pinch her nose
    • Pookybear | 2 years ago | +2 -1
      Make it sweater or pay her....what ever works
      • TheObamessiah | 2 years ago | +17
        What kind of sweaters do you recommend?
        • Pookybear | 2 years ago | +3 -1
          • troylove | 2 years ago | +4
            it is said that if a man drinks a small glass of pineapple juice every day, it will make his cum sweeter. I'm waiting for the results. :D
            • artemny | 2 years ago | +2
              Are you a cum sommelier?
            • treeshaka | 2 years ago | +2
              My wife says mine is sweeter when I eat healthy, like a lot of fruit and vegetables......but most of the time she says it taste like bacon grease.
            • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
              I heard that too. Also heard that if you smoke weed before the cum tastes like it.
            • enc0gnito | 2 years ago | +1
              I eat eight to twelve cups of raw pineapple a week along with many other fruits. Just saying...
            • asdf1234 | 2 years ago | +1
              BS. I did it for 6 months and she said there was no difference.
              • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +2
                Hey, atleast you got 6 months of effort for it.. ;)
                • asdf1234 | 2 years ago | +3
                  Yeah. All 3 times. She failed that part of the interview.
      • deleted | 2 years ago | +10
        I could jizz cake icing and we have a joint banking account she's still not swallowing.
        • Pookybear | 2 years ago | +1
          well... looks like you're S.O.L
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
            Naa I'm gonna try danks idea hopefully my dick don't get bit off..
            • DANK78 | 2 years ago | +2
              Pull your dick out first. It's important to have a tight seal.
        • MMcD12 | 2 years ago | +1
          I almost pissed myself after reading this, that's fucking great!
  • Pookybear | 2 years ago | +4
    I'll kiss her... just not on her mouth
  • NamekCruiser | 2 years ago | +4
    What about a Snowball?
  • MDShowers | 2 years ago | +4
    Of course gotta show her appreciation
  • mattamus | 2 years ago | +4
    Just tell your husband that your boyfriend always kisses you afterwards.
  • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +5 -1
    I'm just grossed out by the fact that people your age still have sex.
    • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +1
      Hahaha and YOU called ME a big meanie once..
  • jacktanner81 | 2 years ago | +4 -1
    My wife gave me a blowjob once and i thought she had swallowed it. She then decided to make out with me. As it turns out my junk doesnt taste to bad!
    • Jagged | 2 years ago | +2
      Ugh, I hate your wife!! But not as much as I hate mine!!!
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
      liking your own sperm is just one step away from liking someone elses!
      • jacktanner81 | 2 years ago | +1
        luckily i drink alot of water so it didnt taste to bad
        • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +2
          You're thinking of piss.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    You're implicitly accepting you swallow KRISWESMAR
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +20
      Damn right - I'm not ashamed, and if I want a kiss afterwards I should most definitely get it!
      • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
        Yes, he should kiss you!
      • harleypoet | 2 years ago | +2 -2
        you'd damn sure get a kiss from me, I've snowballed and even eaten my own cum right from her pussy afterward...the first time I did that she came twice more as I was eating her!
        • CaptainFlyscratch | 2 years ago | +2
          you spelt "him" and "right from his ass" wrong...
    • HVACguyecv | 2 years ago | +1
      I will kiss her here or down there if I love her. What, you think you are gay cause you do. You would lay on da couch n suck your own if you could. This is for everybody, not just poro74. Quit being Hippocrates.
      • glasshole | 1 year ago | +1
        That's the only reason I don't sit on the couch and suck myself off. Cruz I know for a fact I wouldn't let me know when I was going to blow.
  • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +2
    Every guy is diffferant. I would prefer you rinsed. But if we are all hot and heavy, I have kissed but only after knowing she did not save a mouthful for me. It is a mental thing. Would you kiss me after I ate your pussy?
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +4
      Yes I would - without a second thought. I'm disappointed in you guys. I thought there was something wrong with him, but apparently I was mistaken.
      • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +1
        I said I have and I would do it again especially if she could get me off with your mouth. I love a set of lips on my dick but only one woman has been able to get me off with only her mouth. Hate to have her get lock jaw and frustrated! She just le me know when she is tired and I will stick it in another hole.
        • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +6
          I'd have zero problems getting you off - all it takes is the slight of a finger up the ass. You'd explode!
          • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +3
            Would love to give you the chance! However, no fingers! My ass is an exit only!
            • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
              Move over pussy, I'm ready Kris..... gently darling.
              • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +2
                See there Dodger - we gotta taker. He knows what it's all about.
                • deleted | 2 years ago | +6
                  When we say still mean a finger....right ?
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
            Yeah now you are talking my language. Lol the firstbit of this argument was boring but now its getting where it needs to be!
          • Candyman20 | 2 years ago | +1
            Ahhhh my woman rarely sucks me off and never for more then a few minutes during foreplay. Id love a finger in the ass during a good bj and the cum sucked outta my tip. You are one special lady!
        • deaddog | 2 years ago | +4
          HA! that used to be a great line i used...'i've never met a girl who could get me off with just her mouth'...
          • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +2
            And, then.....
            • deaddog | 2 years ago | +2
              with any luck they'd try to be the first girl ever to, lol...
              • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +1
                Truth be told, many have tried but only one succeeded! And she wasn't a swallower...spit, gagged, and puked!
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
          I feel your pain. My wife won't give me head because I never came the first few times. Blows
    • DMeter | 2 years ago | +2
      What girl did you eat out that made you rinse before you kissed her? She must have had some crabs or something she didn't mention to you, and did not want in her mouth. I've never heard of a chick afraid of her own pussy.
      • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +1
        Guess you have been hanging with all the right women!
        • DMeter | 2 years ago | +1
          I have been fortunate...
    • wardt3 | 2 years ago | +1
      I agree about not wanted the saved mouthful, but my girl kisses me after she pulls my face out of her pussy.
      • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +1
        If its good enough for you it ought to be good enough for me. How can I be sure you enjoyed it while you were down there if you've got all these issues about kissing afterwards?
        • mattamus | 2 years ago | +3
          You will be able to tell by his face looking like a glazed doughnut.
        • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +2
          I have no problem kissing after I eat pussy but some women will insist on a rinse. I'm like your attitude!
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      You said you liked snowballs
      • Dodger1974 | 2 years ago | +1
        What? We are going to have a snowball fight at a kissing discussion?
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
          Well, I had to call you out
  • artemny | 2 years ago | +5 -3
    If this is a one night stand slut, NO it's not ok. If it's a long time relationship gf or wife, it's perfectly OK. Agreed with Iknowhuh about "macho" thing. This is just bs. Those dudes are bigger pussies than their GFs.
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +3 -3
      What part of "swallowed" do you not understand? She swallowed the damn shit. It was yours anyway.
      • artemny | 2 years ago | +8
        what part of my comment don't YOU understand? ))
  • Cableguyforhire210 | 2 years ago | +2
    As long as it's a closed mouth french kissing!
  • Dicknasty | 2 years ago | +3 -1
    I enjoy snowballing.
    • g0g3tfuck3d | 2 years ago | +5
      I knew there was something I liked about you!
      • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
        Given the right girl I would consider that, but she better let me do anything to her
      • Dicknasty | 2 years ago | +1
        I thought it was the way I treated your vagina like a speedbag with my amputated arm.
  • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +2
    It never bothered me.. what does bother me is kidding after eating garlic filled food from the wifies restaurant.. blahh
    • drdannyc | 2 years ago | +6
      Are you kidding?
      • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +1 -1
        Fuck no.. ever since I quit drinking my sense of smell has been magnified and it drives me nuts.. it sounds horrible but the other week made her brush her god damn teeth when she got in bed.. damn Peruvian seasoning..
        • drdannyc | 2 years ago | +2
          Yeah they onion everything ! I had some potato and peanut sauce dish a few months ago, it was spicy! Did you know Dora the explorer is Peruvian?
          • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +2
            What?!?! How the hell did I not know that.. my kids watch that show all the time.. wait til I tell my wife.. if you like Peruvian food and are ever in PA its worth the stop.. check out the tv commercials on the bottom of the page.. you'll see a young wetard wearing his father in law's dress coat that is clearly meant for someone who is 5'8", not 6'3"..
            • bobster | 2 years ago | +1
              I like the headshake, you connoisseur
              • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +1
                I was just trying to get the hell out of there.. that was right after the private rooms were completed in the restaurant and the air conditioning wasn't working yet.. my wife wasn't big on the wine we were drinking and kept making faces.. we must have done 30 takes before we finally got out of there.. they just shot 2 New ones for the winery.. this time I brought my own jacket.. ;)
  • TristusNamVitae | 2 years ago | +2
    Not interested in a snowball, but if she swallowed no problem with a kiss.
  • aPaganGoatLord | 2 years ago | +2
    I figure its fair, since she will do ATM. A little spooge has never slowed me down
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    If she would even put my dick in her mouth I'd kiss her
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    Finally a post i can relate to. As much as it shames say, i'll probably never have to worry about this. My wife will never take me all the way. Im can't help to wonder if im the only guy to be denied a blowjob.!! Shit, i go down on her and love every minute of it so what the fuck gives.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    It's perfectly fine
  • fapoleon | 2 years ago | +2
    I personally don't see any difference between me kissing her after oral sex and her kissing me after I go down on her. It isn't anything that's not mine and hers anyways.
  • truckie | 2 years ago | +2
    She Sucks me, I kiss her......I stick it in her she sucks it anyway. Is there a problem here?
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +9 -3
      No problem at all!
      • truckie | 2 years ago | +3
        Sorry for the neg....... damn phone meant to plus you.... get you on the next 1
        • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +7
          There, I fixed it... I negged her on purpose.
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
            I think we found the mysterious negger that everyone bitches about.
  • sickorsane13 | 2 years ago | +2
    i do it...dont give a shit. she loves me enough to swallow i love her enough to kiss her. nothing a tooth brush and some mouth wash cant handle
  • drunkrick | 2 years ago | +2
    Nothing wrong with a kiss afterwards
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    Not a problem for me. Hell it's most of the guys that say "hell no" if you could suck your own cock, would you? lol
    • BigFireWes | 2 years ago | +2
      Why does a dog lick his own pecker?
  • BigFireWes | 2 years ago | +2
    Fuck it, its my batter, i dont have a problem with it
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    What about kissing her after ass to mouth?
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +1
      Leave it to a name like Pooky to make such comment. But bring it on!
  • Jgrizz | 2 years ago | +2
    When I was younger it bothered me, first girlfriend just got done blowing me and her dad showed up to pick her up, she turned to me with a smirk and kissy lips, I felt raped afterwards, now ill kiss after no problem, just appreciate that I got to blow it in a orfice to begin with.
  • Jethro75 | 2 years ago | +2
    The pine apple juice does work. Im a every day beer drinker and the lady friend said my stuff was tart, so i got on a pine apple juice kick and she said it made a huge diffrence. Happy happy happy....
  • thesilenttampon | 2 years ago | +2
    Please I kiss my girlfriend before, during and after... doesn't bother me.
  • enc0gnito | 2 years ago | +2
    I came in an exes pussy and tried to eat her out afterward. She stopped me saying "It's kinda messy down there." LOL! Another exe got so wet during foreplay that I started feeding her her own juices off my fingers. If a woman has no problem eating my seed AND her own juices, I see no problem doing the same for her. Although the juices need to be relatively fresh!
  • whynot | 2 years ago | +2
    yes why not and the wife has no problem kissing me after I eat that pussy and she said the pineapples do make a difference.
  • Captainmuff | 2 years ago | +2
    All I know is after I cum Im going to bed! Cum kissing "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!"
  • xtc4aqt69 | 2 years ago | +2
    I rarely cum in my ladies mouth to begin with, but if I do, she'll swallow it before I can kiss her anyway. So I don't even think about it (or even care really). We both like it most when I cum inside her lips that lie between the thighs.
  • Dgray14 | 2 years ago | +2
    She swallowed it, all gone so no issue I can see
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
  • stitchmouth | 2 years ago | +2
    Hell no!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Fuuuck no! I don't wanna taste pineapples! Shhhhiit...
    • KRISWESMAR | 2 years ago | +2
      I AM SHOCKED! I thought most of y'all would lean towards the opinion of RegardsDolan. Wow!
      • puzzyeetin | 2 years ago | +2
        I not only kiss after she swallows my cum, but I'll happily go down on her after I cum in her.
        • buddy201 | 2 years ago | +1
          That's too rough for me to swallow
    • Stinkerbell | 2 years ago | +2
      Reminds me of the pineapple fart story! Whose was that! He didn't want to taste pineapples either!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2 -1
    My DNA so wtf why not a lot of macho dudes I know are like wtf that's wrong I find it as if it were the same after eating her out and her cumming in your mouth then going to kiss her like so the fuck what it's just cum :)
  • Johnnynosoap | 2 years ago | +1
    No way
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Yes, she kisses me after I go down. But like dude said if this one night stand hell no but if this is my main chick yes
  • creaper | 2 years ago | +1
    Mine don't swallow, she barely sucks it..,but if she did, I wouldn't care
    • porkchop62 | 2 years ago | +1
      Same here. tell my woman all the time she has a wasted talent
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    But if i had a girl like u, KRISWESMAR, it'll b a different story. We would share that pineapple taste;)
  • WonkyDonkey | 2 years ago | +1
    No problem... Just keep suckin' it baby.
  • drdannyc | 2 years ago | +1
    Unfortunately, It depends how hammered I am!
  • elementalqb | 2 years ago | +1
    If u can't kiss her after then u don't deserve to get blown. What's the big deal its my dick anyways.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Uh I don't know I guess it depends on how I'm feeling!
  • Xhatr3dx | 2 years ago | +1
    My uncle told me "to always Fuck your eatins never eat your fuckins" so I guess that would apply here too
  • Knightmare316 | 2 years ago | +1
    i hand her some mouth-wash...then kiss her...
  • jafo88 | 2 years ago | +1
    Mine/ hers does not matter. Me and my woman are one. When you are in the moment and the animal instincts kicks in who the hell notices what was where or in.
  • Angstrum | 2 years ago | +1
    I'd kiss issues there.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    I have no problem as long as she swallows. But in this topic why won't my girl make out with me after I've been tongue punching her pussy for a half hour.
    • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +10
      Because even your girlfriend thinks her pussy stinks like five day old diapers.
      • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
        Good one + to u
        • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +3
          And one to you for being a good sport.
          • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
            omfg thanks for that I laughed hard enough to cause my nose to bleed. awesome!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    As long as it's down and she takes a shot or somethin afterwards,sure...
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    It's called snowballing, and I never have or never will.
    • Painfulentry | 2 years ago | +1
      It's only snowballing IF your cum is still in her mouth.
      • sickorsane13 | 2 years ago | +1
        true, the point if she swallows, as long as you dont cum on her lips whats the big deal.
  • Painfulentry | 2 years ago | +1
    As long as I had been eating plenty of pineapple before said ejaculation
  • Bob4031 | 2 years ago | +1
    Yes to kissing afterwards... but what about eating a pussy you just came on?
    • BigFireWes | 2 years ago | +1
      Again, fuck it, its mine.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      Fuck no! Thats disgusting, my girls a squirter and I beat the pussy into a froth, nobody's eating that after that.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Sure why not
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    I would gladly kiss you after you swallowed my load, glad to hear you would love to suck on my tongue after it was buried in your pussy!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Kissing a woman after Ive cum in her mouth is no problem to me...Hell I will even go down on my woman after I cum in her pussy...but I will only do that if she will suck my cock after I have cum in her...fair is fair lol
  • rimjobtaco | 2 years ago | +1
    Id french anybody who sucks my soul pole. Especially when im drunk I love sloppy mouth kissing....... Minus the ejaculant
  • bqg26 | 2 years ago | +1
    Nope. True it's mine but it's my gift I gave it to her.
  • juscallmedaddy | 2 years ago | +1
    I don't have a problem with it my woman swallows it all so it's not an issue
  • Cokemasheen | 2 years ago | +1
    had an ex kiss me right after she swallowed my load. didnt know what to think there for a bit then i was slightly ok with it, only because i really liked the little bitch, but just a random hook up.....NO
  • bigbri48315 | 2 years ago | +1
    Hell my wife sucks me off after I have been inside of her so why not kiss her after she swallows she tasting herself so what is wrong tasting yourself
  • ppk22 | 2 years ago | +1
    Yes it's fine for me. Like it has been said already... it's my own cum so what am I disgusted by? Nothing. Cum for everyone yayyy
  • terrordrome | 2 years ago | +1
    Yeah would do that. Why not? It's dissapeared in her troath. If i lick a pussy there's a bigger chance that there is "something left" from the last time I did her. Or worse... When I get under the sheets and lick her anus.. You never know what you find downstairs licking around in the dark :P
  • rfcn45367 | 2 years ago | +1
    She made me feel good, so why not. even if that means tasting myself when i kiss you.
  • Stewfox85 | 2 years ago | +1
    I dont hesitate to kiss my girl afterwards, doesnt rightly bug me ya know.
  • dubbs666 | 2 years ago | +1
    Yep no prOblem just don't burpppppppp
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Don't be a sissy snowball that shit
  • hossenfefa | 2 years ago | +1
    I'm with the last three, not a problem here, didn't know there were so many h666 pussies!!
  • DirtyDale | 2 years ago | +1
    Did that with my last girlfriend, she was good about reciprocating. Current gf? nope.... dammit!
  • rhinohorn | 2 years ago | +1
    Yes, no issue here. I just came, right? Fuck yeah! Re. ATM, my ass better be clean...don't expect a woman to do what I'm not willing to do, besides if I'm not sure, we can always start out with a shower or a bath and I'll wash her ass before I eat it and she can wash mine. Yum yum!
  • Nuggets69 | 2 years ago | +1
    How else are you going to show appreciation???
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    I have never had a swallower. Some people have all the luck I guess.
    • doublej | 2 years ago | +1
      I'm sorry to hear that. I love a girl that cleans up after the job is done
  • doublej | 2 years ago | +1
    Majority of the women I've been in serious relationships with swallowed and It was Awsome. Now I would only kiss on the lips but I wouldn't make out with them unless they used mouthwash first.
  • Mike1609 | 2 years ago | +1
    I would have no problem kissing after ..
  • BigFoot | 2 years ago | +1
    Me, I am a giver and find it's not right to take back what you have given to someone, so when I kindfully and gracefully give you my cum, you can keep it, I don't want it back..
  • TheFlavMan | 2 years ago | +1
    I never kiss your mom!!
  • cgeo | 2 years ago | +1
    It's fine - and if burrying my tounge in her pussy after filing it with cum would make her thrash about and cum again - count me it.
    • fkbisme | 2 years ago | +1
      Ok, you're it!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    No my wife won't kiss me when I have a gun to her head She's funny that way
  • oznoxious | 2 years ago | +1
    No can do
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
    Look bottom line here, if the lady is hot enough and willing to do the things you do...... I would do just about anything she wanted. The least of my concerns would be the fact that she wants me to kiss after she swallowed my cum. I've done far worse things than that.
  • Bob4031 | 2 years ago | +1
    Let's face it guys... if we could suck ourselves off, we would.
  • grim1 | 2 years ago | +1
    All this SUCKING and FUCKING talk is making me hungry!!! *Grabs a sammich*
  • akakrayzee | 2 years ago | +1
    After a vigorous mouthwash and a half hour waiting period
  • judge2525 | 2 years ago | +1
    As long as I am kissing the girl next to her I have no objections to kissing after getting a hummer.
  • 00Lowther | 2 years ago | +1
    she don't have 2 swallow!
  • beaux | 2 years ago | +1
    No way...
  • Kcrick | 2 years ago | +1
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +1 -1
    Nope if i just pull out of the ass nut in her mouth no chance....drunk and no butt play then maybe..(if she cleans up the mess thatdidn't quite make it in the mouth...)hahah
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