Kiss those lips

Some big puffy lips
by deleted 8 years ago (Mon, May 21, 2007) in Wtf (Porn)
Kiss those lips
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  • deleted | 8 years ago | +5
    Can I fist her please? Can I fist her, can I fist her?
    • tzimmyk | 8 years ago | +1
      don't tell me you're a dike? what we will tell our kids one day? :-)
    • deleted | 8 years ago
      You can as far as I am concerned but don't you think that is going to be a little tight now?
      • deleted | 8 years ago | +1
        Well, thats the main advantage innit? I just hope I can keep the blood in my hand circulating.......
    • zerobomb | 8 years ago
      can i watch you fist her? please? please? haha, kudos to you!
      • deleted | 8 years ago
        course you can watch!as long as you applaud and take pictures..........STOP WANKING NOW!
    • tzimmyk | 8 years ago
      On 2nd thought, you can, but can I fist you first???? :-):-) :-)
      • deleted | 8 years ago
        The kids will understand when they are old enough Tzym, if not we'll sell them into slavery and continue the fisting contest
    • bigfatmariposa | 8 years ago
      can i watch while rubbing my bologna slice?
    • joi-ryda | 7 years ago
      can i fist you? can i fist you?
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
    I want to poke it!
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