Kkk baseball

A fun family outing with great morals
by Iraqivet 6 years ago (Sun, Mar 08, 2009) in Wtf (SFW)
Kkk baseball
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  • deleted | 6 years ago | +11
    All I see is 14 niggers.
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +7
      Funny, all I see are a bunch of people that seem to have down syndrome or something. Specially that guy in the back row third over lol.
    • pissnwind | 6 years ago
      all i see is two balls ......they've got more balls than that!!!
    • wonder01 | 4 years ago
      hey, dont get upset.. this is the team that recruited jackie robinson
  • beausoxfan | 6 years ago | +11
    And now, to throw out the first pitch....Barack Obama!!!
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +9
    no ropes no crosses no torches. no fun
    • faust | 6 years ago | +1
      That's after the game.
  • Dynameaux | 6 years ago | +9
    Their quest: beat every cotton picking team in the South
  • jimwhitey | 6 years ago | +5
    Their first game was against the Queens of Brooklyn Clan. The game was called when the bat came up missing.
  • joythief07 | 6 years ago | +4
    Back row, from the left: senator, senator, CEO, senator, congressman, ambassador, senator.
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
      joyqueer, joyqueef, joythief.
      • joythief07 | 6 years ago | +1
        I'm the pretty one.
        • deleted | 6 years ago
          bottom row 5th one over,...yes you are the pretty one! stop by sometime, I will stick mt bat in to your dug out, clean up to my balls!... lol the 5th one over is a female......right???????
          • deleted | 6 years ago
            Does it matter?
          • Guiles73 | 5 years ago
            Hell no. This is the Klan! Their women are at home in the kitchen!
  • ridlo | 6 years ago | +3
    I couldn't see any funny there...??
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +4
      it says knights of Ku Klux Klan on the jerseys.
  • randyeverett | 6 years ago | +3
    lets drop all there asses down a well
  • tonkka | 6 years ago | +3
    I didn't recognize them without a sheet over their head.
    • psyclone | 6 years ago | +2
      *cough* nottasheet *cough* jizzrag *cough*
  • Punchy748 | 6 years ago | +2
    They probably would of had a good season if they would have picked up a Latino.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    All I see is a bunch of ignorant cocksuckers
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    WTF?? White guys only? No Cubans? No Mexicans? No Blacks? Yep....looks like another losing season for the Knights. Ohh, these poor kids are gonna play teams with minorities, and see them winning all the time and they are gonna grow up hating and blaming minorities for all their taking their jobs, their women, and having a small penis......ohhh, wait......
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +1
      Well.....I got the neg. Looks like I struck a nerve with a team member with a small dick.
  • j18speed | 6 years ago | +2
    No home runs, slowest base runners in the league, and dead last in the standings.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    all I see are folks who have a dream .......a dream to play base ball and they had to let the Klan pay for it ...I don't think the black panthers would foot the bill.
  • Dynameaux | 6 years ago | +2
    Gee I thought KKK meant three strikeouts
  • Luciferos | 6 years ago | +2
    They looked mexican from far away, do they know that?
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