Labia stretching

The ancient art of labia stretching.
by deleted 8 years ago (Tue, Mar 13, 2007) in Wtf (Porn)
Labia stretching
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  • Jobbie Capone | 8 years ago | +4
    yea but after you fucked her she could grab her lips and fly out the window like a bat.
  • deleted | 8 years ago | +3
    thats the floppiest pussy ever right there lol... im calling FAKE
    • labialuver69 | 7 years ago
      I love big pussy lips but,,,,, DAM!!! I agree , I think (hope ) it`s fake.
      • trustybeliever | 6 years ago
        You would hope its a fake but it is possible :-/
    • Mannequin | 4 years ago
      This isn't fake. There is actually a growing community of women who practice the ancient "art" of labia stretching. Shit's fo' real, son!
  • ressurection24 | 8 years ago | +2
    those are as big as the ones angelina jolie has on her face
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