Men who like being spanked

I just can't stop laughing at this
by deleted 6 years ago (Sun, Aug 03, 2008) in Kink (Porn)
Men who like being spanked
Men who like being spanked
Men who like being spanked
Men who like being spanked
Men who like being spanked
Men who like being spanked
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  • scorpionking | 6 years ago | +10
    I mean how much can that hurt? I'd fuck em twice as hard just for revenge. LOL
  • painwhore | 6 years ago | +8
    You would be surprised, by the amount of "normal" men that like this. Lawyers, Doctors, psychologists, people in government, teachers, and even (if not especially) men in power positions like CEOs of companies want to be dominated... to give up control. In my opinion, it is against the natural order of things.
    • mistressXXX | 6 years ago | +1
      PW, I couldn't agree more ;)
    • 13 | 6 years ago
      Hang on a Minute you said normal Men? Lawyers are Liers, Doctors and Douchebags, Psychologists are Mental, people in government are Bitches, teachers are pedos, CEO'S are twats, where the hell are normal people?
      • painwhore | 6 years ago | +2
        everyone else
        • deleted | 6 years ago
          could not have said it better.
    • deleted | 6 years ago
      you forgot burger king managers
  • ecorock | 6 years ago | +5
    If she wants to slap my ass when I'm balls deep inside her, if that gets her off, fine. But I'll be damned if any man should get over someone's knee like a bitch.
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +3
      Naw baby I'll just stick to digging my nails in and biting your shoulder.
      • ecorock | 6 years ago
        Fuck yeah baby.
        • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
          Mmmm I love makin you say that.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +5
    My wife found some bondage magazines under my sons bed ,she shouted me in and asked what we should do about it ,i said "well i dont think we should spank him do you"
  • mistressXXX | 6 years ago | +4
    Talk about role reversal, I'm a spank-ee not spank-er.
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
      War has told me otherwise... :P
      • mistressXXX | 6 years ago | +1
        Lies! I'm an obedient lil thang ;)
  • j18speed | 6 years ago | +4
    I like this, too. Sometimes when I can't find pictures of men getting spanked I get in front of the mirror and spank myself. Wait... that's not very cool. I'll just click Discard.
    • j18speed | 6 years ago | +4
      • deleted | 6 years ago | +3
        You clever bastard... making a one word comment plusable.
      • Muzza2k | 6 years ago | +1
        1 for that. ahh why am I telling him, he'll see the 1 himself. Guess i'll click discard as well then.
      • deleted | 6 years ago
        and mundanes that meet me say i aint right.
  • sawan | 6 years ago | +3
    I could think of a hell of a lot better things that a woman could do to a man and spanking isn't on the list!
    • 13 | 6 years ago | +2
      When I make love, I don't think!!!
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +1
      just you wait till i have you over my lap sawan there will be no think'n just spank'n.....
  • Drweld | 6 years ago | +3
    To Spank: To smack or slap a person's buttocks, with the bare hand or other object, as punishment or as a form of sexual interaction. Call me weird but I like to be spanked by my woman every once in a while!
    • 13 | 6 years ago | +3
  • Miette | 6 years ago | +3
    I have to agree that if I man asked me to spank him I would be a bit put off. I like being the one getting the spankings.
    • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
      those guys havenīt been loved by their mothers when childs
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +3
    is the last one wearing a thong or is that all fur?
    • phlegmboy | 6 years ago
      Give him a candlewax brazilian.
  • redd | 6 years ago | +2
    They should be spanking their monkeys not their asses!
    • phlegmboy | 6 years ago
      You can't spank it if you don't have it.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    Its like catholic school all over again...yet I dont remember the nuns being this hot. Lot of repressed memories.
    • deleted | 6 years ago
      Oh your not the only one
      • mistressXXX | 6 years ago
        Nuns freak me out to this fckn day worse than stinkn clowns. Sister Caroline was the absolute WORST!
        • deleted | 6 years ago
          She threatened to punch me in the mouth for smoking ...what a turn on lmao ; )
          • mistressXXX | 6 years ago
            Are you MAD? How could THAT cryptkeeper have been a turn-on?
  • FairyLand | 6 years ago | +2
    naughty boy, Bad BOYEE!!!
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