NASCAR’s Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke leaked nudes

Paige Duke was suddenly and surprisingly relieved of her Miss Sprint Cup duties late Wednesday night (June 29) – and some inappropriate online photos from her days as a Clemson University student appear to have been the cause.
by kingnoob 3 years ago (Thu, Jul 07, 2011) in Celebrity (NSFW)
Nascar s miss sprint cup paige duke leaked nudes
Nascar s miss sprint cup paige duke leaked nudes
Nascar s miss sprint cup paige duke leaked nudes
Nascar s miss sprint cup paige duke leaked nudes
Nascar s miss sprint cup paige duke leaked nudes
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  • deleted | 3 years ago | +20
    You think she would a least clean her house up BEFORE you do nude shots
    • PrinceChazII | 3 years ago | +9 -1
      Maybe that was after cleaning.
    • antistudent | 3 years ago | +3
      how did you notice a dirty room it took me 3 minutes to figure out what you were talking about, i kept going back and looking at her ass going wtf?
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
      House? That was her dorm room. I guess you never saw what happens in dorm rooms, huh? She was obviously having way too much "fucking" fun in there to worry about cleaning it up!
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +2
      Well this a NASCAR girl.....
      • JustenCase | 1 year ago | +2
        White Trash living among trash.
    • Akita4u | 1 year ago | +1
      Fuck that. Makes her actually seem approachable, even though she probably isnt.
  • WonkyDonkey | 3 years ago | +18 -1
    Truth be told she's probably a really nice girl. Has tried her best to look after herself as best she could. Has been to sleazy screaming seasons, been derided by sleazy scumbags. But has tried her best to be as professional as she can be at what she does....... It only takes one slip up in your formative years for all that hard work to come crashing down around your ears. I'm not a fan of NASCAR or any of that shit. But I am a fan of giving everyone a chance. In my mind the only thing this girl did wrong was to let herself be photographed in a naive moment by some asshole that she probably dumped due to his lack of backbone. And truth be told, I don't give a fuck that I don't have anything funny to say about her. Sometimes we could all do with a fucking break.
    • deleted | 3 years ago to u sir
    • deleted | 3 years ago
      After the break can I eat the corn out of her ass? or is the "Inappropriate?"
      • WonkyDonkey | 3 years ago
        There's none left. <------ wipes corn from edge of mouth, without looking guilty.
        • camp89 | 3 years ago | +2
          Who the fuck are you??? Did ilovedetroit hijack this account. I want the donkey back.
          • WonkyDonkey | 1 year ago | +1
            You gotta lull them in to a sence of security.... Hey camp, it's 2 years ago but you'll love the pluss I just gave you ;)
            • camp89 | 1 year ago | +1
              You are a silly bastard. Well done Man. LOL Thanks for the plus. :)
  • CHL | 3 years ago | +5
    If you're looking at her unkempt room, you're prolly gay. :-)
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +1
      i was thinking that too...
    • CaptainFlyscratch | 3 years ago | +1 -2
      sometimes its hard to spot the treasure when it is buried in trash
      • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago | +3 -2
        especially when it's trash amongst trash...
        • deleted | 3 years ago | +7 -4
          Jealous much sweetheart?
          • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago
            yes! i wish i had a shit load of trash that i could waller around in...did your dad get that boat yet?
        • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
          I just can't wait to introduce you to my parents!
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +4
    they say the photos were Inappropriate? Shit I think they are just fine..
    • Feanor321 | 1 year ago | +1
      I was thinking the same thing - she's hot, and got a great body - what's inappropriate about that?!
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +3
    Cool ! Great body ! she should become a pornstar
  • g0g3tfuck3d | 3 years ago | +3
    when you live like a pig you deserve to get fucked like bend over and let me make you squeal bitch!
    • Valheru | 3 years ago
      ooh baby! U know we like it when you talk dirty!
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +3
    She's barely average. Hardly any hips or tits. way too skinny for me. if you can see bones she won't get one from me.
    • deleted | 3 years ago | +1
      no shit, if i can see your ribs then get the fuck out! but that being said i think these redneck nascar assholes should have counted there blessings i mean its not like this bitch is gonna be remember by anyone in a week
  • leeannINhorrorland | 3 years ago | +3
    Aww. The ass disappointed me. I like my girls with a bit more than that.
    • skaterqjq | 1 year ago | +2
      pretty much nothing special about this board.
  • Jnhhaynes | 3 years ago | +2
    I have no idea who this bitch is because i dont watch that nascar shit...but Id still fuck her in her little ass.
  • deleted | 3 years ago | +2
    That's classy for nascar god damn it.
  • Masshole2 | 3 years ago | +2
    [image] NASCAR doesn't deserve a fine ass chick like her. ^This is about right for the "sport"
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