Now that's how you do it. The redneck way!

The loading of a backhoe into a dumptruck. Can do attitude getting shit done.
by deleted 2 years ago (Sat, Apr 20, 2013) in Cool Stuff (SFW)
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  • deleted | 2 years ago | +5
    Definatly not OSHA approved
    • Cokemasheen | 2 years ago | +2
      fuck osha! about 10% of that stuff if decent common knowledge, the rest is bullshit regulations that are not cost friendly
  • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +4 -1
    Fuck that is common.. not to that extreme.. but anyone who has been on an excavation site see this stuff all the time.. but usually it is for straddling a ditch to meet up with another one or getting a piece of equipment out of a muddy embankment..
    • ecorock | 2 years ago | +6 -2
      Common? I would respectfully disagree and say it is far from common to load a backhoe onto a truck using just the backhoe. Never ever saw that happen in 30 years of wearing a hardhat.
      • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +2
        I said not to this extreme.. meaning not on a truck..there are lowboys for that.. I was referring to pulling yourself out of holes, ditches, and nasty hills..
        • deleted | 2 years ago | +4
          I have seen them span over a hole or load onto a lowboy that was missing a ramp so that they had to improvise but I have never seen them go in the air to load into a dump bed like this. I thought it was thinking outside the box.
        • ecorock | 2 years ago | +3 -1
          Ok, so what theyre doing in the video is common or uncommon?
          • Wagingwetard | 2 years ago | +2
            Using the hydraulic to move into a situation you can't just crawl into is common.. not loading yourself into the back of a truck that way..
            • ecorock | 2 years ago | +3 -1
              No further questions.
              • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
                Lol the outcome of this discussion line is equivalent to ending up in the pen being spooned by tyrone.
      • treeshaka | 2 years ago | +2
        Hell, thats nothing, I have only wore a hardhat for 15 years, but check out this common practice.
        • corndogg | 2 years ago | +1
          Haven't seen how they loaded them but i have seen more trackhoes on top of rail cars than rubber tired hoes.
        • ecorock | 2 years ago | +1 -1
          I hope it was a rental.
      • achille | 2 years ago | +1
        I see stuff like this in my country taken as normally.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
    Been working the backhoe for 6 yrs now on the job and have done some tricky shit to get me out of rough situations but this I don't think I would have thought of, simply genius
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
    Never seen that before, and I'm sure that wasn't his first time. Pure cleverness.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
    I know nothing about that stuff.

    But it seems that maneuvers like those shown would put unusual stresses on both the front an back implements. Or is there stress placed upon them in a similar manner I'm every day use? Normally the stress would be coming from the direction of the load but here it's coming from the weight of the engine and cab.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
      That wouldn't be anymore stressfull than what they are asked to do on a daily basis anyway.
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      This one is as cool as the billy upload. Good find!
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      Right on. Nice!
  • ecorock | 2 years ago | +2
    How long before he snaps the outriggers off?
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +1
      You must be a white hat safety advisor...
      • ecorock | 2 years ago | +2
        No, Im Rick James, bitch.
  • mrmalaka | 2 years ago | +2
    I have never seen anything even close to that.That has to be hard on the equipment let alone the cost if anything goes wrong.I would think it would be wise to get a trailer.
  • woodrowwilson | 2 years ago | +2
    is a lowboy trailer out of the question with that dump truck?
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
      Not at all but you can't always get a lowboy in and out of where you need it to be.
  • Thepierced | 2 years ago | +2
    Point for making it work but more points for the furture when he slips the control an drops out the cab with the loader on top of him
  • corndogg | 2 years ago | +2
    Sure beats side loading a 350 kobelco on the side of the road under a low hanging power line.
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