Road Rage Fist Fight

Douchbag got beat for being a douchbag.
by deleted 1 year ago (Tue, Jul 23, 2013) in Violent (SFW)
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  • cigarmann | 1 year ago | +29
    Ah, road justice, best served with fists......
    • cygnus | 1 year ago | +5
      With a side order of pain!!!!
      • cygnus | 1 year ago | +2 -1
        Ah dammit. "and a side order of pain!!!" sounds better...
        • thebravelittletoaster | 1 year ago | +5
          you know you can edit your comments now right?
          • cygnus | 1 year ago | +1 -1
            <---- newbie...
            • cygnus | 1 year ago | +1
              Aww... My first neg!
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +1 -1
      Prefer a 9 iron.. Is what Jack Nicholson uses on the freeway.. ( caddie whisper) Dog leg left.. Wanna hit the windshield juuust below the weather stripping..
  • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +13
    Its always great when they start a fight with someone and lose ...:)
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +3 -1
      Always the best ones.
  • Mcbuford | 1 year ago | +7
    His life would have been alot simpler if he had just left ten minutes earlier like he should have.
    • deleted | 1 year ago | +10
      nah this is the kind of asshole that no matter how early he is, he will still be driving like a maniac
      • deleted | 1 year ago | +1
        Here is the translation...Два брата действуя как задница отверстия остановить движение, чтобы начать драку
  • Wagingwetard | 1 year ago | +6 -1
    One safe rule to follow in life.. don't pick a fight with a big ole farm boy wearing skin tight jean shorts.. best case scenario is he'll just knock you out.. worst case scenario, he'll knock you out and fuck you like the sheep you are..
    • t0llb00thwillie | 1 year ago | +7
      When I drove my dump truck and pup trailer fulltime, I always rode with little air in the seat. Friends would meet me and later say I looked like a kid driving that truck. One day got off I70 at my exit, some fucktard was honking and giving me the #1 salute. I pulled into a fuel stop, he got out ranting heading my way here I get out 6'4" 235 lb. and head toward him. All I heard was Sonofabitch and back to the car he went.
  • WartEncrustedDong | 1 year ago | +5
    Road rage incidents don't get any better than this, "tough" guy jumps out of his car, ready to crush skulls, "tough" guy gets punched about the head multitudinous times, "tough" guy curls up into a ball and concedes defeat.

    Cool guy drives off into the sunset with his bitch. A happy ending.
    • ziginheaven | 1 year ago | +1
      "tough guy" calls the police and says a man assaulted him
  • mrmalaka | 1 year ago | +5
    Rule #1 Don't fuck with someone you don't know.
  • ht4956 | 1 year ago | +4
    Kick his ass Seabass!!
    • gingernuts | 1 year ago | +1
      Beat me to that film......
  • Auroravfim | 1 year ago | +4
    So the moral of the story is, never underestimate the man driving a van?
  • teslaman | 1 year ago | +3
    It's times like this I am glad I understood what was being said. Also, The asshole had it coming to him. I hate people like that on the road and feel someday I'll go fisticuffs with a douchebag of his caliber.
    • MrHoward | 1 year ago | +1
      Care to share with the group?
      • teslaman | 1 year ago | +6
        It goes something like this... punk, what the fuck is your problem?! dude starts beating his ass..towards the end he says something like he deserved it for being an impatient fuck. That is exactly how I feel and would have done the same.
  • enc0gnito | 1 year ago | +3
    He actually had the gall to pull this man out his ride like he was Billy BadAss but ended up getting beat down into a ditch like a little bitch! Serves his punk-ass right.
  • JaggedMarrow | 1 year ago | +3
    Don't bring stupid to a fist fight... unless you're retard strong.
  • pdthadude | 1 year ago | +2
    who would have thought the guy with the baby on board sign was a bad ass
    • gingernuts | 1 year ago | +1
      No I totally understand thst as a dad. You threaten me thats fine. Threaten my family. You're dead. I'd run the cunt over.
      • Unlimitedinches | 1 year ago | +2
        Thats what I would have done as soon as he was in front of my car. I wouldn't care about damage to my car only to give as much damage as possible tothat douche.
  • wickedsmilee | 1 year ago | +2
    In LA, if you get out of your car to fight, you wont have a car left when you return.
    • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 1 year ago | +2
      Now that would have been awesome to see here.. :) lose his car and the fight.. priceless :)
      • JaggedMarrow | 1 year ago | +1
        The guy beats the moron and takes his car, the woman hops into the drivers seat and follows. Takes care of the douchebag AND opens the road back up, clearing traffic he created.
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