Armed Robber take down by cops

The hard way
by Jsan69 2 years ago (Wed, Aug 29, 2012) in Violent (NSFW)
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  • deleted | 2 years ago | +26 -3
    Fuck exsessive fucking scum got what he deserved!!
    • deleted | 2 years ago | +9 -2
      should have shot the sumbitch so my tax dollars dont go to feed that scumbag in prison
      • lostmymarbles666 | 2 years ago | +1
        i think i heard a few shots in there but yeah the other two... best not to leave witnesses
  • Blumpkin | 2 years ago | +13
    Sergeant Tackleberry doesn't fuck around.
  • hotdogOU812 | 2 years ago | +9
    Why did they only shoot one? Daily limit?
  • kmb666 | 2 years ago | +6
    Seriously, robbing a Dollar store!
    • Stevarooni | 2 years ago | +1
      Apparently he didn't value his life very highly.
  • Tatertot | 2 years ago | +6 -1
    Good job on the officer that guy was running straight at him with his hand in the bag if that was me I would unload on that motherfucker too!
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +6 -1
    Here's footage showing the shit-pushing sketchballz rushin' in full thug regalia.
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +3
    Got everything they deserved. Get a fucking job and earn it like everyone else.
  • xHATR3Dx | 2 years ago | +2
    Lol I know we just shot the shit out of you but roll the fuck over
  • deleted | 2 years ago | +2
    What ever happened to just a double tap to the head?
  • SomeOleBullshit | 2 years ago | +2
    The first cop in knows how bad all of his fellow officers are. He had to run like hell to clear the line of fire. Cops far too often blindly fire far too many rounds. Have they started training them with video games?
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