Sex bike

Sex Bike
by Ferret 7 years ago (Wed, Mar 12, 2008) in Funny (NSFW)
Sex bike
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  • Ferret | 7 years ago | +11
    If I had this, I'd get a lot more exercise.
    • BallsDeep007 | 7 years ago | +12
      That's what you said when you got that blow up doll.
      • Ferret | 7 years ago | +1
        It's true...it would just be out in the garage gathering dust, like my bowflex, and my treadmill, and my kayak. Sigh. I really am a lazy bastard.
  • anastasiajubilee | 7 years ago | +11
    won't the arms get in the way hanging down, he should have them tied behind her back
  • j18speed | 7 years ago | +8
    That's unique I almost said VERY unique but then I remember that pisses me off. Unique means one of a kind. It's can't be VERY one of a kind, it is either one of kind or not one of a kind. I hate it when people say very unique (And Eco, don't you dare try to point whore me by saying "That's very unique" you bastard!)
    • MacPhisto | 7 years ago | +4
      Thats a very unique comment speed.
      • j18speed | 7 years ago | +2
        Son of a bitch...
    • ecorock | 7 years ago | +2
      Why do you always have to hurt me speed? There's someone else,isn't there?
  • redd | 7 years ago | +8
    He doesnt know weather he's cumming or going!
  • PissFlap | 7 years ago | +5
    He's enjoying the ride.
    • StuPidasso | 7 years ago | +2
      Especially since she can't tell him he's going the wrong way!
      • multiplesplease | 7 years ago | +2
        So in other words, they're lost
        • deleted | 7 years ago
          Smart Ass....nice one at that ; {)>
  • whackattack | 7 years ago | +5
    Can't she pedal too? I mean she's not doing anything with her legs, why should I have to do all the "work"?
    • barneyy2k | 7 years ago
      well she is going to have to run with her hands. with the lack of a front wheel!
      • Ferret | 7 years ago
        I think there actually is a front wheel...looks like the post for it is coming out of her throat, which makes this bike all the more fucked up.
  • painwhore | 7 years ago | +5
    pedal faster... faster... harder... faster..yes yes yes ... you're almost there
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +4
    Not ergonomically correct. But what the hell.
  • mistressXXX | 7 years ago | +3
    I must be a bike cause my hubby rides my ass everyday.
    • deleted | 7 years ago
      I bet you have one with a dildo for a seat
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