Slither and Crawl

Spiders, snakes and sexy women
by ImAlwaysTheAngel 4 years ago (Sun, Jan 02, 2011) in Sexy (Porn)
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
Slither and crawl
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  • deleted | 4 years ago | +6
    It's amazing how a naked woman can be even sexier with a snake
    • deleted | 4 years ago | +3
      You would much rather pet the snake right?
    • deleted | 4 years ago
      women are just sexy
  • RIGHT AND EXACT | 4 years ago | +5
    You know all of this is good and well and Angels posts are always above reproach (Angel, you should have your own magazine!), but let's keep it real...all of you guys talking that shit about "....Oh I want to be a snake right now...Oh I'd give anything to be a spider ...." - GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Looking at the pictures of these beautiful womenI don't want to be anything but a full grown, red blooded man with a hard dick ready to fuck any one of them. I also want to have a healthy set of vocal chords so I can holler into the bedroom and tell her to get those fucking snakes and spiders out of there before I come in!
  • RabidAnteater | 4 years ago | +5
    • deleted | 4 years ago
      "From Dusk Till Dawn"... Lovely ;^)
  • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 4 years ago | +4
    For some this would be the perfect birth contol
    • JustAHumanBean | 4 years ago | +2
      It would for me, seriously don't like snakes. I like almost every one of your posts, but can't do this one.
      • ImAlwaysTheAngel | 4 years ago | +5
        I love snakes... spiders not so much
        • Jnhhaynes | 4 years ago
          Agreed beautiful ladies and snakes MMM yes but the ladies with spider um hell no i think im going to have to smash the ladies and the spiders
        • deleted | 4 years ago
          Snakes, good. Spiders, squashed.
          • Slayerigormortis | 4 years ago | +3
            Fuck you guys. I'll bite you while you're sleeping for that. Or crawl in your ear. Assholes.
            • Jnhhaynes | 4 years ago
              I see you said ear butt what about the last part
              • Slayerigormortis | 4 years ago
                Crawl up your own asshole.I'm not fallin for it.
                • Jnhhaynes | 4 years ago
                  lol well it was worth a try i was just curious about how those 8 little legs would feel
  • WonkyDonkey | 4 years ago | +5 -1
    Cold and venomous, what's my wife doing wrapped around those pretty girls???
  • painwhore | 4 years ago | +4
    #7 - Will you walk into my parlor? said the Spider to the Fly
  • PhotoShopWarrior | 4 years ago | +3
    Reminds me of a Jim Stafford song.
  • LizardQueen | 4 years ago | +3
    I had to favorite this, cos I've kept every one of those species...except the human. They eat too much, and they smell funny.
    • pimflax | 4 years ago | +3 -1
      ..or is it that theyre the only ones that dont run when you wake up next to it.
      • LizardQueen | 4 years ago | +1
        I've seen your profile. You're no prize, either. Pendejo!
        • pimflax | 4 years ago
          Im no prize but I sure as hell not a punishment like waking up to you in the morning.
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +3
    • ecorock | 4 years ago | +2
      • RIGHT AND EXACT | 4 years ago | +5 -2
        • ecorock | 4 years ago | +2
          Thanks R, and to the 2 cocksuckers that negged this ( so far ), go fuck your mothers in their mouths.... I did. Fuckin scumbags. Neg me if you dont like me, not someone paying me a compliment. Fuckin faggots.
          • RIGHT AND EXACT | 4 years ago | +1
            ECO!!! This just in!!! Those very same two cocksuckers were indeed on their way over to their mothers houses to do just that (when Eco speaks people listen), but when they got there they couldn't get in...seems a bunch of spiders and snakes had the same idea. Yeah their mothers mouths are going to be full for quite some time. Neggers....the worse thing about H666 - be a man and speak up as to why you don't like something, bitches.
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