Tank ass

How does this happen? 800 pounds in the ass alone
by Beeyahh 7 years ago (Tue, Aug 28, 2007) in Funny (SFW)
Tank ass
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  • Beeyahh | 7 years ago | +4
    wide load
    • hawtchica06 | 7 years ago | +3
      beep beep beep beep...
      • deleted | 7 years ago | +1
        this brings a new meaning to BELL BOTTOMS
        • 13 | 7 years ago
          Badonkadonks (plural of Ass).
  • livedoen4 | 7 years ago | +3
    She's just big boned.
  • Darkona | 7 years ago | +3
    24 comments and nobody has said it yet, so i will, in DrFeelGood's name: "I would like to fuck her ass like i did back in 1984, when i went t the circus and met that lovely old woman with that enormous ass, i can still feel that butt in my face"
    • Darkona | 7 years ago
      i had to. i had the urge xD
  • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
    I'm hopeing for her sake that, that is photoshopt
    • deleted | 7 years ago | +2
      I wouldnt bet on should see some of the freaks Ive seen on our beach..*note to self take the camera next time and take pics*
      • deleted | 7 years ago
        Remember to be discrete Annie, get a friend to stand in front of the freaks before you raise the camera
        • Darkona | 7 years ago
          and point at them and laugh (just for draw their attention)
      • deleted | 7 years ago
        PLEASE post them here when you get back!!!!!
      • deleted | 7 years ago
        Drop us a bikini shot too!
    • deleted | 7 years ago | +1
      No such luck,I've seen asses like this all over the southeast's in the genepool I think.
      • CobraDick | 7 years ago
        It must be. Per an AP article in this morning's paper, America's highest obesity rates are in the Southeast, with Mississippi the highest at 30.6%, with West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky close behind. I'll bet they sell a lot of diet soda there.
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