Thailand ladyboys

Short photo story of the ladyboys life in Thailand
by catalin 4 years ago (Thu, Nov 18, 2010) in Wtf (SFW)
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
Thailand ladyboys
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  • catalin | 4 years ago | +13
    Although prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it is estimated that between 300,000 and 700,000 people engage in this activity, this is a business that leaves about 3000 million dollars a year and attracts tourists from around the world taking advantage of local poverty and the openness of its citizens. Possibly the katoey (ladyboys or transsexuals) are the main attraction of the whole range of prostitutes in Thailand. It is about men who feel, live and dress like women, and in many cases undergo a sex change to offer their services like any other woman. Sex change in Thailand costs just under 1000 euros, hence the amount coming to Bangkok from all over the country to make their dreams come true and transform their male genitalia into a piece of dead meat
    • herne | 4 years ago | +10 -2
      so Cat you do realize that 3000 million is 3 billion right? (that is right i just criticized Cat, i am expecting doom for this)
      • TheObamessiah | 4 years ago | +1
        If I remember correctly, British English uses 1000 million in place of billion. H666ers across the Pond, if I am wrong, please correct me.
        • weebazweebaz | 4 years ago | +22
          yes the brits use billions...i know this coz im Irish and we use potatoes
          • deleted | 4 years ago
            best statement in awhile!
  • zerocommazero | 4 years ago | +9
    So...where did you go on your vacation again, Cat?
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +4
    and all that just to have a second of fame on tuesdays...
  • Plexipunk | 4 years ago | +2
    I'd rather jerk off........
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