Tiana Lynn squirting

Tiana lynn squirting
by deleted 4 years ago (Mon, Jan 10, 2011) in Kink (Porn)
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  • JustAHumanBean | 4 years ago | +3
    Or peeing, whichever. She moves her hand across so it doesn't look like peeing.
    • ClownBaby | 4 years ago | +5
      I squirt a lot, it's real. Anyone that doesn't believe that it is real needs to just accept it and try to find a girl that can.
      • deleted | 4 years ago
        what about u lets meet up...
      • SteakSauce | 4 years ago
        yeah i gave up on girls that pee the bed... what can they pass on to my kids seriously? poor bladder control? seriously ever tried to NOT pee during sex?
        • Blech | 4 years ago
          Awww... Someone is a little sensitive because he's never made a woman cum like that huh? Urine has a distinctive odor and color which TRUE squirt does not. Just becuase you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it isn't real.
    • AquaMann | 3 years ago
      Definitely Squirting. People rub clits for reasons other than disguising piss.
    • Blech | 4 years ago | +1 -3
      Squirt and urine come from the urethra in a woman just the same way it does in a man. And when a woman squirts, she couldn't pee even if she wanted to. Can you pee when you're about to orgasm? :)
      • SteakSauce | 4 years ago | -3
        yes i can..... and so can women because they dont have other equipment hooked up to there urithra. look at the anatomy of the female orgasm as much as i have then try to argue that you dont pee during sex. squirt and uring come from the same hole... wow you got a firm grasp on the obvious, squirt in womne contains about a table spoon of lubrication fluid that derives from the defunct prostate gland any thing over that is urine mix coming from muscles contracting the uterus over the bladder and pressing against the pubic bone, also women are having an easier time relaxing the muscles in there urethra during sex.... because they dont do as much.... must be nice to work from your back huh, maybe then i could pee on girls during sex and just call it man squirt.... think i could get away with it like women who pee the bed during sex?
  • I like em big... | 4 years ago | +3
    one of you photoshow wizards needs to repost this with the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike holding back the water...
    • Hellgates | 4 years ago
      our lil wizards are working hard on it right away to bring you the best entertainment possible just for YOU!..... or maybe i have no idea what the hell you're talking here.
  • bigblackjake | 4 years ago | +3
    dammit! it's pee.... nothing wrong with it, but it's pee. real female ejaculate comes from the para-urethral glands, NOT the urethra; but i repeat myself.....
    • zerocommazero | 4 years ago
      it's NOT pee. It's almost impossible for a woman to pee while having sex. Just like it is for a guy.
      • bigblackjake | 4 years ago
        it takes practice. damn few can do it without working at it. the paraurethral glands do not hold that much volume. female ejaculate does not shoot out in pints.
      • deleted | 4 years ago
        I thought it was easy for a girl to pee when she cums?
  • Hellgates | 4 years ago | +2
    dunno bout you but i do the same kind of reaction when i pee after 22 beers.
  • fuckyerface | 4 years ago | +2
    its not all its cracked up to be. most guys are freaked out by it in real life. and its messy, obviously
    • Jnhhaynes | 4 years ago
      Im never freaked out about it hell i call my friends and tell them the girl just gets mad when they show up and HIGH 5 me for doing a good job lol
    • papamike | 4 years ago
      True on both counts but I dont mind it at all.
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