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Slidell   Louisiana/California  
About me:
I'm Chris. I enjoy living life to the best of my ability sometimes, then there are other times; fuck those times. I dig artistic shit. I love metal, period, but especially death metal. I'm just livin day by day man, I have dreams, but yet I have my goals(both are very low standard), and I just do the best I can to do really close to almost actually achieving my best efforts. I'm friendly, so just say bueno!
Pantera   Down   Superjoint Ritual   Dying Fetus   Decrepit Birth   Arson Anthem   Zeke   Exodus   Cannibal Corpse   Origin   Decapitated   Lamb of God/Burn the Priest   Hate Eternal   Eyehategod   Beneath the Massacre   Severe Tortue   Deeds of Flesh   Dax Riggs   Pathology   a whole bunch of shit.  
Serial Killer Files  
Breaking Bad   Walking Dead   Spun   Martyrs   Fight Club   Pulp Fiction   Requiem for a Dream   House of 1000 Corpses   Friends  
Motorcycles, death metal, sativa, tight pussy and a phat ass
I go to school
"Carry the battle to them, don't let them bring it do you, put them on the defensive, and don't ever apologize for anything." "Goddamn you Bernice!"

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