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urdaddy123 commented on Jsan69's As ridiculous as it gets

Damn Raj from BBT has changed a lot.

as ridiculous as it gets
2 years ago
loadxupxxonxguns replied to urdaddy123's comment on Retard Runs a Red Light

North jersey is where all the rich people live
Yes I am from the south jersey shit I am women and from jersey and I am not a terrible driver I am speeder but never to danger anyone life but the assholes who cut me off. and tailgaters too fucking pricks. its amazing when you're trying to make a left that people insist on passing you on the left..its just pathetic that they passed their driving test

retard runs a red light
2 years ago
urdaddy123 replied to loadxupxxonxguns's comment on Retard Runs a Red Light

Aw come on... NOoth NJ is the best! But if your central and south.. I would hate it too.

retard runs a red light
2 years ago

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