Wet Monday

Strange Ukrainian Tradition
by keanowoop 4 years ago (Sat, Apr 02, 2011) in Cool Stuff (SFW)
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
Wet monday
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  • deleted | 4 years ago | +21
    [image] her soul has been cleansed 
    • deleted | 4 years ago | +6
      it only cost her a nipple..
    • Grimus | 4 years ago
      HA ya they just got their baptisms
    • evilgenius | 4 years ago
      excuse me but i would like to see the full video to that pic you posted
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +13

    Clearly there are some fatty lovers in the Ukraine! 

    Ant the hottie walking around the corner doesn't know what shes about to let herself in for!
    • Hellgates | 4 years ago | +1
      Dont underestimate the nice old lady. She can kick up a storm.
      • WonkyDonkey | 4 years ago
        Nah, at her age the only thing kicking up, is her crotch pot.
    • AllNightFright | 4 years ago
      Thanks, you ruined it for me. Till you posted that, I assumed the Ukraine had predominately beautiful women. Guess I'll unpack.
  • keanowoop | 4 years ago | +9
    On Wet Monday, the second day of easter. boys and men armed with bottles and buckets of water, chase after girls and splash them from head to toe. According to the original custom, the most beautiful girl in a village would be the wettest, but nowadays, boys just splash any girl they see. At one point, the tradition got so out of hand that boys threw buckets of water, at girls, threw their car windows.
    • deleted | 4 years ago | +52 -1
      Dont bother with the bottles and buckets.[image]
      • Hellgates | 4 years ago | +1 -1
        Thats our own special tradition on every first Monday of the month between us family.
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +5 -1
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +5 -2
    I think the girls should turn the table on these little fools and rename the event "bloody Monday".
    • maclean1690 | 4 years ago | +3
      or intraduce them to tranny tuesday
  • rito1 | 4 years ago | +4 -1
  • deleted | 4 years ago | +2
    where does the rape come in
    • Jnhhaynes | 4 years ago | +2
      When the cameras go away.
  • polishbitch | 4 years ago | +2
    it IS a tradition in eastern europe, poland, russia, ukraine, czech etc etc etc i love it, im nearly 30 and still cant wait 4 a water battle hhhaahhahahaha its such a fun :) my fav day in a whole year!
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