Woman fucked with head in toilet

Rocco Siffredi violently fucks girl in the butt-hole with head in toilet
by deleted 6 years ago (Tue, Jul 22, 2008) in x Recycle Bin (NSFW)
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  • j18speed | 6 years ago | +7
    Reminds me a Middle School. I mean... Rocco fucked me a lot in Middle School.
    • Jolly | 6 years ago | +7
      I should probably add this to the H666 Thesaurus in the Forums section... ROCO (Pronounced Rocco) Rock Out with your Cock Out, a term used to that means Party Like a Rockstar/Pornstar that usually includes intoxication but not limited to exposing yourself in public. Example; "Hey Speed, what're you doing tonight?" "I'm going ROCO."
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +5
    god i wished he'd flush at least once.
    • Lady Q | 6 years ago
      he didn't even pick up the seat
      • deleted | 6 years ago
        of course he didnt. she would have gotten made if he would have left the seat up silly
  • Shammie | 6 years ago | +5
    I really don't like this video.
    • deleted | 6 years ago
      Do you know, I dont blame you either S. Never ceases to amaze me how what is nothing more than an abusive situation, can really either turn people on, or basically go to the limit where they feel it is acceptable. Sorry, but making women look like rag dolls to be abused really is not entertainment in my book. Be it planned or not.
  • ecorock | 6 years ago | +5
    I think that girls name is Rhoda Rooter.
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +4
    bloody hell its fuck-n-flush...ahahahah have to say it dumb bitch......
  • scorpionking | 6 years ago | +4
    She looked at little flushed at the end.
  • MetatronAtra | 6 years ago | +3
    Man, old-school! I used to make tapes like this at my uncle's house 'cause he had the Spice channel. All up late at night, volume all low, switching the channel if I thought I heard someone walking downstairs... Old school.
    • sdtuu | 6 years ago | +1
      Reminds me of my childhood days too
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +3
    iŽd rather have seen that box match
  • 13thstepper | 6 years ago | +3
    *sings* "she works hard for her drug money, so hard for it honey!"
  • gulfice | 6 years ago | +3
    Now to do that right, she should have been Japanese, and ate shit from the toilet while ole Rocco was checkin for polups.
  • norejoe | 6 years ago | +2
    Im giad swirlies wernt like this in school
  • 13 | 6 years ago | +2
    Ha Ha Ha...Some one has told him, Do the same to get rid of Jail memories...Lolz...
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    His cock sure slipped in their easy enough
  • deleted | 6 years ago | +2
    What a shitty fuck!!
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